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Homemade & Natural: Hair Masks for Frizzy Hair

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Wavy hair is quite in right now but having a frizzy hair then fly-away’s all over is not. Frizzy hair is a result of too much brushing, styling of hair by using alcohol based spritz or styling gels or frequent use of different chemicals in your hair, like relaxing or re-bonding, blowers and ironing, that result to hair dryness.

So to prevent, control and make our tresses healthy, let’s put on some naturally made home mask.

Mayonnaise or ‘mayo’ can be easily found in every kitchen, it is cheap than any other hair-care products and much safer for our beautiful hair. It consist mainly of combination of oil, either vinegar or lemon juice, egg yolks and some added herbs and spices. The egg yolk contains lecithin that act as emulsifier (the one that mix the oil and water content of mayonnaise).

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This is considered the ultimate de-frizzer which is easy to find as a condiment in your kitchen. You can add honey and egg to make a great mask that will condition your hair to make it more softer at the same time moisturize the roots and scalp. Honey acts a humectant that locks the moisture in every hair cells bringing back its vibrant.

Here are the ingredients that gives the detailed benefit for your hair.


Either chicken, duck or quail eggs are source of complete protein for humans. It provides us with several vitamins and minerals like retinol (vit A), folic acid (vit B9), riboflavin (vit B2), vit B6 and B12, iron, cholne, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. It’s also a source of coenzyme Q10 (antioxidant). These nutrients when absorbed in hair roots and scalp, softens and moisturizes dry frizzy hair. It also acts as a natural conditioner to make your hair more manageable.

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A mixture of sugar and other compounds which is mainly fructose and glucose. A natural humectant or a substance that keeps the moisture at bay thus making moist lock in the hair preventing dryness. It also promotes smooth and soft hair, making it shine naturally and glossy without worrying about split ends anymore.


As stated earlier it contains natural oils. The egg yolk and vinegar that helps your hair to bring the pH level (acidity and basicity measurement), making it more softer. It also moisturizes every skin cells and deeply hydrates your hair.

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Additional Tips Before/After the Hair Mask:

1. Wet your hair then wrap in a warm towel to open up the hair follicles before applying the hair mask.
2. Rinse your hair well. Make sure to wash off all the bits and pieces of the mask ingredients in your hair.
3. Make sure to wet your hair before applying the hair mask cause it doesn’t work on dry hair and scalp.

Mayonnaise Hair Mask Ingredients:

2 tbsp mayonnaise
1 egg
1 tbsp honey


1. Whisk the egg until frothy in a mixing bowl. (optional: you can also use mixer for more finer mix)
2. Then combine all the ingredients thoroughly.
3. Start applying the mixture using your fingertips, in a massaging way onto your wet hair.
4. After that put your hair in a bun, preferably a higher bun. Then cover it with disposable shower cap or towel to lock the hot temperature in your head thus opening the hair follicles.
5. Allow 15 minutes (or 30 minutes if your hair is super dry/damage) allowing the nutrients to sink into your scalp and hair follicles.
6. Then wash off the hair mask from roots to tip. (rinse well until mask is off)
7. Shampoo your hair to remove the smell of the mask and to condition your hair.
8. Then as a final step, rinse it well with cold water and wrap it in a towel.
9. Towel dry then just comb it with big tooth comb and let it dry.

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