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How to Remove Blackheads on Chin the Natural Way

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If you are conscious on how you look, you are probably aware of all the bumps, lumps, and swelling on your face. There is a common misconception that blackheads tend to form on the sides of the nose only, but there is another place where it can crop up and that is on your chin. Blackheads tend to appear when there is an excess amount of oil present on your skin, and although they are not really painful, they can affect your self-confidence especially when someone notices them already.

Is there any way for you to remove blackheads on your own?

Fortunately, there are several natural remedies that can help you get rid of these small bumps forming on your chin. Here are a few that you should try out.

Create your own pore strips

You’ve probably come across numerous articles on the benefits of milk and honey on the skin, so it is not surprising that these two can help you with your blackheads on your chin. Making this remedy is quite easy. You only need to combine a teaspoon of milk with a tablespoon of raw honey. Place this solution in your microwave and heat for a few seconds. Blend afterwards. Allow the solution to cool before applying on the affected area. Apply a cotton strip over it and allow to dry. Leave it on for about 20 minutes before pulling at the cotton quickly. You will see several blackheads coming off because of it.

Use lemon

Another remedy that can work in removing the accumulation of blackheads on your chin is lemon. What makes lemon a useful tool is the fact that it draw out any impurities, such as dirt and excess oil, from your skin. You will need to prepare a small bottle, fresh lemon, and some cotton balls too. You will need to clean your face first by washing it. Pat your skin dry. Squeeze the lemon on the small bottle to gather its juice, then pour a small amount on a cotton ball. Place this cotton ball on your blackheads. Leave it there for a few minutes to allow the juice to soak before removing the cotton ball. Repeat as many times as you like then wash your face with warm water afterwards.

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Egg white mask

Egg white mask is probably one of the easiest remedies available that can help you deal with the blackheads on your chin. Get an egg from your fridge then separate the yolk from the white. Wash your face first then pat dry after. Apply the egg white on the affected areas of your face, including your chin, the place strips of facial tissue after. You should coat the tissue with another layer of egg white. Leave it on until it has dried. Peel off the tissue afterwards and you’ll see a significant improvement on the condition of your blackheads.

Honey and cinnamon

What else can help you remove the blackheads that have accumulated on your chin? A mixture of cinnamon and honey, that’s what. Cinnamon is a great ingredient to use since it can help with boosting blood circulation on your body. To make this remedy, you will need a spoonful of organic honey, cotton strip, and a teaspoon of some cinnamon powder. Get a small container and mix the two ingredients first before applying on your chin, and other areas where blackheads have appeared. Place the cotton strip on them afterwards and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Pull the cotton strip off gently so you can relieve yourself of the blackheads on your face.

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