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Top Diet Plans for 2019

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The new year has come which means that people will be checking out which diet trend is going to make it this year. This is not surprising given that many of us are obsessed with losing weight as part of our yearly resolutions, but perhaps this year is the right time for you to follow a diet. That being said, we have put together a list of diet plans that will still be used in 2019.

Weight Watchers Diet

Landing the top spot for 2018-2019 is the Weight Watcher’s Diet. What makes this the people’s choice when it comes to diets is that it is a flexible type of diet meaning there are no strict regulations to follow. Here you will be keep track of your nutritional intake through the SmartPoints system where each type of food is assigned a point value. You will also have a coach as well as meetings with other members and your coach to discuss your progress.

Mediterranean Diet

What makes this diet quite popular with people is the fact that it is a diet that is easy to maintain. You see, the idea here is to be able to enjoy the food that you like but in moderation. Of course, the focus of this diet is to encourage its followers to eat more vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, seeds, nuts, and whole grains, but there won’t be any restrictions to worry about. No wonder this is still among the best diets that you can try this year.

Paleo diet

Don’t forget to add paleo diet in this list too, as it is still gaining plenty of attention from weight watchers around the globe. As the name suggests, this diet is patterned to the diet that our caveman ancestors ate which means that there will be no processed foods, sugar, dairy, and salt in your diet. This is quite restrictive for those who are just starting which can deter you from trying this out.

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This diet is designed to prevent hypertension from happening in the first place and can also be a tool for weight loss. You can actually eat all types of food such as seafood, pork, and poultry with low-fat dairy, seeds, whole grains, and nuts in the mix. There are restrictions here too such as the use of condiments, sauces, sweetened drinks and the like.

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