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Superfoods to Eat for a Healthy Body

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We all need a variety of foods for a balanced diet. But experts say careful selection is crucial.

We would not only survive but thrive on a diet that is low in fat- a major culprit in heart disease; high in fiber- which may protect against heart disease; high in complex carbohydrates- the energy rich foundation of any healthy eating plan; and moderation in protein- which we need less of than we think.

Here’s 10 “must eats” to Super health:

1. Low-fat milk and yogurt a good source of vitamin B and often fortified with vitamins A and D, milk products are considered nearly perfect foods-rich in protein, high quality carbohydrates and bone protecting calcium. Low-fat or non-fat varies do the job without excess fat. While yogurt is ideal for those with lactose intolerance because added bacteria cultures- best when listed as “live” or “active” cultured make it more digestible.
2. Pasta is a versatile good, which has virtually no fat also contains potassium, calcium and B vitamins. It is loaded with high-energy complex carbohydrates. Whole-wheat flour pasta is higher in protein than semolina pasta.
3. Broccoli is rich in vitamins C and A, and a good source of calcium and iron.
4. Brown rice retains all the original nutrients of the rice kernel, making it a far better source of B vitamins and fiber. High in complex carbohydrates, brown rice also is an energy booster.
5. Whole-grain bread and Cereals are loaded with high quality carbohydrates, good source of protein, and low in fat if you don’t load on the butter.
6. Beans are a low-fat and rich in protein, calcium, iron, fiber and other minerals.
7. Salmon this fatty fish, along with sardines, tuna, anchovies and others, makes the top 10 list of fishes high in good omega-3 fatty acids. It is also rich in protein, B vitamins and iron.
8. Spinach and Kale are low in calories, high in vitamins A and C an a good source of iron and calcium.
9. Bananas have more bone-protecting potassium than any other fruit and also high in complex carbohydrates, making them a satisfying and energy boosting between-meals snacks.
10. Oranges is loaded with vitamin C that helps deliver the best quality of this disease-fighting nutrient.

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