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Graduation Photo Hair and Makeup Tips

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There are a few photos in our life that we will remember forever. Some you can be proud of and show off and some that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Some memorable ones are your baby pictures, teenage pictures, wedding photos and of course our graduation picture. Remember those segments on TV where they show off old graduation pictures and we cringe seeing them? A few years from now, we really don’t want to be one of those people with cringe worthy graduation photos. Thankfully, in this era of technology and advance beauty we are able to learn different tips to creating the perfect graduation photo. To help you get the best result we have compiled some of the best hair and makeup tips from makeup artist, photographers and hair stylist. Here is what they have to say.

Go for Natural

Graduation makeup is all about looking natural and chic, but made up enough that it shows in your photograph. Photographers advise you to limit the amount of eyeliner you use when taking your graduation photo. This may look amazing in real life and even on video, but on the photo it can make your eyes too dark or too made up. Opt for eyeliners on your water line or use a very fine amount. Your eyebrows are an important part of your whole look. Avoid eyebrows that are too dark and making it look natural is better since it can stand through time. Eyebrow styles change, but the natural looking brow will remain a classic look. Stick to neutral eyeshadows. Browns and cream colors can give your eyes more depth.

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Classic Hair Colors

You may want to show off your personality through your hair color, but that hair trend you have right now will not look as good in a few years. The Beehive, teased or crimped hair looked in fashion during its era, but is now considered a fashion faux pas.  Go for colors a bit more classic or one toned. Thin and natural highlights can give your hair more dimension in photos. Bright hair colors are not the ideal ones, but if you really want to use them – make sure that your hair color is refreshed or new to prevent fading colors.

Keep It Clean

Your makeup and hair has to look clean and polished to look great on camera unless you want to depend on Photoshop. Ungroomed eyebrows, thick and unblended eyeshadow, messy lipstick and improper blending of contours and highlights can be easily seen in pictures. Fly-away, messy hair and even dry hair can be noticeable too. Applying hair creams and serums can reduce your fly away and dryness in an instant. Take selfies without any filter before taking your graduation photograph. This will help you notice makeup blunders you are not able to see with your naked eye.

Say No to Up-do’s

Having your hair up is great during the graduation ceremony, but having it down is a total graduation must. Not only will it add more drama to your look, it also helps frame your face. When picking down hairstyles try different ones before the photo. Classic silky straight hair, soft curls, big curls and soft waves are great in photographs. If you want to try other styles, you can try side swept curls, side braids and even low sided buns or ponytails. Another important tip when you have bangs or a fringe is to make sure that it is properly styled.

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You Have to Look Like You

With all the makeup tricks and tips you can find online, there are so many techniques that you can use. But using them to the point that you don’t even look like you is not ideal. Contouring is great and is actually perfect for graduation photos, but matching this with winged eyeliner, thick false eyelashes and colorful eyeshadows will alter your whole look. If you really want to do something trendy pick one that you really like. If you are known for your red lips, winged eyeliner or perfect eyebrows, wear it for your photo. Though, ease up on the blush. This is one makeup that is very visible on camera. Make sure to blend it enough that it looks natural and you don’t look like you are flushed.

Lastly, congratulations on your graduation! Make the most out of this time and cherish the happy memories. Graduation time is time to spend with your friends. Don’t let your graduation photo be a regret that you keep hidden for the rest of your life. You don’t need to be professionally done up to look great on your photos. Just follow these tips and be prepared for touch ups. It would be a lot better to get prepared with your friend to get opinions on each other’s look.

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