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The Reasons Why You Should Use an Ovulation Calendar

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To promote reproductive health and overall wellness, the use of an ovulation calendar is considered crucial among women. Keeping track of your ovulation time is important for two main reasons.

Couples who are trying to have a baby or two, a woman like you will find the need to use an ovulation calendar to assist her in scheduling when is the perfect day and even the exact time to have coitus. The second reason why women use an ovulation calendar is that of avoiding the likelihood of pregnancy altogether. Reproductive planning not only revolves around the formulation of a plan on how to efficiently conceive, but also incorporates the concept of wise, planned parenthood. Either way, an ovulation calendar is a helpful tool that primarily services the function of identifying the ovulation, which in turn allows women to prepare herself accordingly.

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Rather than guessing when you are most likely ovulating, an ovulation calendar features tools which points out the dates of the ovulation period and the peak day and time a woman is ovulating. The calendar is also helpful in the assessment of infertility issues among women. By efficient use of the fertility calendar, women gain the ability of determining probable infertility. In this case, women can get proper diagnosis in a hospital setting and be provided with possible treatments that may treat the cause of infertility altogether.

The ovulation calendar is designed in a way that a woman will not have any problem or difficulty in identifying when her peak day and time is. Women in their ovulation period are encouraged to engage in sexual activities- that is if she and her partner are all too willing to go ahead with pregnancy. In the case of couples who are still not ready to proceed with pregnancy should avid coitus during peak days. Furthermore, women who do not plan to get pregnant anytime soon can choose from a wide selection of contraceptives that can be used to stop the chances of getting pregnant even during peak ovulation days.

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Although the ovulation calendar helps in the detection of ovulation days, there are cases wherein it is considered of little to no use to women as well. Those who suffer from irregular menstruation cannot fully depend on the effectiveness of an ovulation calendar. Ovulation calendars are best utilized by women who have regular menstrual cycle as it is easier to interpret the results derived from
the calendar. Those with irregular menstrual flow will still have greater likelihood to get pregnant even with the use of an ovulation calendar.

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Aside from the use of ovulation calendars women should also be fully aware of the other ovulation signs that may occur.

– High Basal Body Temperature

An increase in normal body temperature between 0.04 up to 1.0 most often signifies that a woman is ovulating. The rise in temperature is due to the release of egg and the production of progesterone hormone

– Cervical Mucus Changes

An increase in the concentration, volume, and consistency of cervical mucus signify different stages of ovulation too. Clear, slippery, and stretchy cervical mucus means that a woman is ovulating. Cervical mucus changes are brought about by the rise and fall of estrogen levels.

– Abdominal Discomfort

Abdominal distress, specifically lower abdominal discomfort, is also a sign that a woman is experiencing ovulatory activity,

Where to Source an Ovulation Calendar?

Ovulation calendars can be generated online as many health and wellness website feature ovulation calendars and calculators under their women’s category. Online ovulation calendars are very interactive and are quite interesting to use too mainly due to the fact that they are optimized and generate quick results.

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Most ovulation calendars online allow women to keep track of the different phases of the menstrual cycle as well so women are accurately guided on when it is most ideal to have sex without chances of getting pregnant or the perfect day and time to initiate intercourse. There are also ovulation calendar applications that can be downloaded onto smartphones. In this way, women are given the opportunity of keeping track of their ovulation, while ensuring that these information are kept safe and private by the user.

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