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Look Good with Second Day Hair

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There are just days when taking a shower is not a priority but looking good must always be considered. Make-up can give you the fresh-faced look you want but a messy, oily hair can break the deal.

Here are a few tricks to help you look good with second day hair:

Bun your hair. Best way to keep your hair from looking dull and messy? Hide it. Well, not literally. Rolling up your hair into a bun hides the messiness of it from onlookers. A bun is also easier to manage considering that second day hair can get all over the place. Even with an intended messy bun or a bun that got messy by the end of the day, you would still look good and natural.

Dry shampoo. If you’re hoping to look fresh with second or even third day hair, dry shampoo shall be your new best friend. Dry shampoo works by cleaning your hair and soaking up the excess oil from your scalp after a day or two without showering. Spray it at least six inches away from the roots of your hair and wait a few minutes before styling. Use on roots and ends to give a matte texture.

Baby powder. No dry shampoo? No worries. Baby powder is an equally effective alternative. It soaks up excess oil and gives your hair a matte finish because nothing is a more definite second day hair giveaway than greasy hair. Just sprinkle some baby powder on your hair roots and mid-shaft then shake it off.

Hold the brush. It would be better not to brush your second day hair, at least not before using dry shampoo. Brushing would distribute the oil, making your hair look greasy and clumpy.

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Add some curls. If you have a thin, flimsy hair, pulling off a second day hair would be harder for you. To combat a flimsy-looking hair, volume is the best solution. And nothing says volume like curls. Spray some dry shampoo on your hair, grab your curling iron, and make that flimsy hair look alive.

Headbands or head scarves. You can also style your hair with headbands or head scarves to divert the attention from your second day hair. Leave your hair down or tie it up, attention would be unconsciously focused on the head accessory instead of your hair.

Shampooing every day is not good for your hair anyway because it dries up your scalp, keeping the healthy oils from nourishing your hair. With these simple tricks, you can rock your second day hair without looking like you just got out of bed.

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