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Bad Hair Day Causes and Remedies

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A bad hair day is usually a huge aesthetic concern for most men and women. It makes them less presentable to others, which may affect how they interact with them. In this regard, the following are the causes, symptoms, and remedies for the condition.


A bad hair day may be attributed to various causes. According to Elite Daily, these include washing the hair with very hot water, using a shampoo that does not suit the person’s hair type and texture, eating foods that do not support healthy hair growth and maintenance, not washing the hair well, not cutting the hair regularly, and stress related to hormonal imbalances.

Signs and Symptoms

A bad hair day presents several signs and symptoms. As per Organic Authority, these include easy tangling, limping, lack of volume, always wearing the hair in a ponytail or top knot, split or stringy ends, tapering of hair when it is braided, and a sense of boredom with the hair cut.

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Home Remedies

Various solutions in the salon can be done to fix damaged hair; however, remedies can also be done at home to help manage the condition.

Double Ponytail

One remedy for a bad hairday is the double ponytail. According to Real Simple, the person leaves the top section out while gathering the back into a pony and the hair is secured with an elastic. Next, the front section is added in and is secured with a second elastic. As cited by the publication, leaving the top section out could get more volume on top and a perfect tight pony tail at the back.

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Hairline Braid

A hairline braid serves as another remedy for a bad hair day. According to New York City hairstylist Matt Fugate, as cited by Allure, the person could do a hairline braid around the forehead to create a focal point that looked cool in a quick, easy way. The publication added that the hair can be mildly misted with a texturizing spray before plaiting; this is to help all the pieces grip each other and keep them in place. The braid is pinned behind the ear with two bobby pins placed in an X shape.

Bandanna, Scarf, and Headbands

A few quick-fix hair accessories for a bad hair day include a bandanna, scarf, and headbands. According to The Health Site, the bandanna or scarf can be tied to the hair to manage a greasy or excessively dry scalp. As per the publication, the hair could be tied into a loose bun or a ponytail. It can also be left open if the person could manage it that way. It is added that cool colors or funky prints can be used outside or at home; however, they are not advisable for formal occasions. Meanwhile, a neutral colored headband can be used in multiple occasions; as per the publication, they are sporty and practical to use.

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Olive Oil and Avocado

Two other remedies for a bad hair day are olive oil and avocado. According to The Secret Umiverse, the person can use olive oil for dull hair and avocado for damaged hair. As per the publication, one-fourth cup of olive oil is brushed starting at the hair roots and is left for an hour. Then, the hair is blown dry for five minutes. Meanwhile, an avocado is mashed and a tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil are added. The mixture s applied to just washed towel dried hair and is left on for 25 minutes. The mixture is rinsed out with warm water.

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Bad hair day can be fixed with simple home remedies; but for considerable hair loss and more alarming hair conditions, it is best to seek medical consult from a doctor or hair expert for possible associations with various medical conditions.

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