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Tips on How to Start a Low Carb Diet

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Finding the right diet can be frustrating at times especially when there are dozens of options that you can choose from. You’ve probably been bombarded by suggestions by families and friends on what they think is the best diet to use. If you are trying to cut back on your carb intake, trying a low carb diet might be something to consider. How to start? Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Choose the right carbs. Reducing the amount of carbohydrates that you consume in a day can be done by choosing the right kinds of carbs. Think complex carbohydrates like pasta and whole grains, as well as non-starchy fruits, legumes, including vegetables.
  • Protein is fine. You will need to add some protein-rich foods in your low-carb diet to stay energized. There are many sources to choose from like beef, chicken, wild game, fish, and eggs even. Protein is good for developing muscles too which is a plus.
  • Always read labels. When buying food from the grocery, make it a point to read the labels. This way, you will get an idea on how much carbs are included in the item that you are purchasing so you can keep an eye on your carbohydrate intake. Turn this into a habit and you’ll be able to regulate your blood sugar in no time.
  • Add nuts and seeds. You should also have some nuts and seeds in your low-carb diet as they are packed with protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, as well as a host of vitamins and minerals that will boost your overall health not to mention keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. Another plus to that is that you can curb your cravings as they can sit for hours in your tummy.
  • Avoid soft drinks. Another tip to take into consideration when following a low-carb diet is to avoid sweetened drinks, sports drinks, or soda as they are high in calories and low in quality carbohydrates. A better option would be to stick with water, coconut water, sugar-free iced tea, or seltzer water with some lemon in it to refresh yourself.
  • Dairy is good. Eating dairy is also a good addition to your low-carb diet as it can help with your digestion. Unsweetened yogurt, cheese, cream cheese, and even heavy cream are allowed in this kind of diet.
  • Keep an eye on your condiments. You may not realize this but carbohydrates are also present in your condiments like ketchup and relish which have 4 grams of carbs per tablespoon. Barbecue sauce has 8 grams of carbs per tablespoon too which is why you should be careful with your condiment usage.
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These are just a few suggestions on how you can start your low-carb diet. These will help you ease into this diet especially if you are a first timer. You don’t need to rush when trying a new diet but this will make it a good start.

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