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Eye Catching Nail Art to Inspire You

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Our nails can have a huge impact to our overall look which is one of the reasons why nail art is a huge hit to a lot of women. Gone are the days when we settle with just simple colors on our nails because now we have tons of nail arts to choose from. The only thing that we need to do is to choose which ones we fancy and have nail salons do them for us or, if we are confident enough with our skills with nail polish, do them ourselves. The good news is that we won’t run out of nail art ideas to use. Here are some suggestions that you can start with.

Nautical nails

Do you want to sport a bit of summer to your nails? The nautical design is the perfect nail art to apply to your nails. The combination of white and blue or light blue, depending on your preferences, can transform your nails from boring to interesting in a flash. Paint three of your nails in blue with two in white. Wait for the polish to dry up. On one of the white nails, add some tape strips to then paint the vacant spaces in blue. Allow to dry before removing the tape strips. On the other white nail, draw an anchor with black nail polish and add a bit of jewel to the nail to accessorize it and you are done.

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are beautiful to behold in person but if you are far from Japan but would like to bring a bit of its blooms with you, drawing them on your nails might be the next best thing instead. What’s great about this nail art is that it is quite simple to do. Apply base coat first on all of your fingers before painting them in white. Allow the nail polish to dry first. Now get a black or brown nail polish to create the branches for the tree. You can create a continuous pattern on your nails with it if you like. Let the nail polish dry once more. Now break out your pink nail polish. Use a thin brush to draw cherry blossoms on the branches on your nails.. Let the nail polish dry before sealing the colors with top coat.

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Metallic nails

Solid colors are classic to be sure so why not upgrade them into metallic instead? Metallic nail polish can add a bit of glitz and glamor to your outfit too. The good thing about metallic nails is that you can mix and match them with your outfit and your current mood too.

Foxy prints

Foxes are smart and fast, not to mention cute too. Sporting this witty animal to your nails can make your nails fun to look at. You will need a steady hand for this nail art and the right tools but you’ll get it done fast. Start by painting your nails in white nail polish then leave to dry. Now get your orange nail polish and draw the face of the fox on your nails with its tail on the other. The rest of the nails can have the paw prints of this animal. Add the eyes and nose too using black nail polish. Once dry, seal it all with top coat.

Fruity melon

Fruits on your nails? Now why haven’t you thought about that? There are plenty of options for this nail art but melons are popular for sure. Apply pink nail polish on your nails except for one nail which should be painted pink in one half only. Apply white and green to imitate the cover of the watermelon and allow to dry. Now get a black nail polish and draw seeds on this nail and that’s it. Don’t forget the top coat to protect your nail polish and your nails.

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