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8 Ways to Get Rid of Baggy Eyes

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It doesn’t matter whether you are in your early 20s or are already entering your senior years, bags under the eyes can make us look older than our years. Although baggy eyes are not a cause for concern, seeing them when we wake up is going to be frustrating for sure. There are many causes for these bags under the eyes to appear such as water retention, seasonal allergies, heredity, and even medical condition just to name a few. Of course, drugs, smoking, and alcohol can exacerbate the problem. So how can you get rid of these baggy eyes? Here are 8 ways that you can try out.

Deal with your allergies

If you want to get rid of the bags under your eyes then you need to learn how to deal with your allergies. When allergy strikes, you can expect that water will be retained in the skin under the eyes. Treating your allergies or at least preventing them from happening can be a huge help to you. There are essential oils available that can reduce the symptoms of allergies when used which can also help prevent bags under the eyes.

Milky way

For those instances when your eyes are all puffed up then you need to use milk as part of your beauty routine. What you need to do is to dip cotton pads in chilled milk then place them over your eyes for 20 to 30 minutes. Just make sure that you relax while you do this to enjoy the effects of the milk. You will find that the milk will aid in water retention so that they will be reduced rapidly.

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Go easy on the salt

High salt intake can cause your blood pressure to spike. Aside from this, it can also cause your body to retain more fluids thus leading to puffy eyes and hands. The best way to control this is to reduce your salt intake as much as possible or, if you can’t go without salt, go for a little bit of pure Himalayan sea salt. Try to increase your intake of vegetables too preferably celery which can help combat your need for salt.

Potato relief

If you want to reduce the bags under your eyes then slice a raw potato into two then place them over closed lids. Chill the potato for a few minutes before slicing to let the cool temperature soothe your eyes. Leave the sliced potatoes for 15 to 20 minutes and for sure you’ll see a noticeable difference to the bags under your eyes afterwards.

Watch your sleep position

Another way to prevent bags under the eyes is to sleep on your back. Sleeping in this position prevents gravity from causing fluid build-up in the sensitive skin around your eyes hence there will be less bags under the eyes. You can add an extra pillow under your head if you like as long as it is comfortable for you to sleep on.

Cucumber helps

You can also use cucumber slices to give your eyes the relief that they need from the puffiness. You will need to place 2 slices of fresh cucumber from the fridge and place it over your eyes for about 25 minutes. Make sure that you relax while you wait for the cucumber patches to work. You will find that cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties that can help too.

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Remove makeup

Another way to remove baggy eyes is to remove makeup as much as possible before going to bed. Leaving any makeup traces on your skin can cause irritation which can trigger fluid retention under the eyes. By washing and wiping your skin to remove any makeup, you will be able to prevent bags under the eyes from happening.

Chilled tea bags

If you don’t have any cucumber or potatoes on hand, chilled tea bags can do the trick too. Place the chilled tea bags on your eyes for 25 to 30 minutes while lying back and relaxing. Wash your face afterwards and pat your skin dry.

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