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Beauty Benefits of Onions

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Onions are one of the most common kitchen items you can find in most homes. Onions are famous for its culinary purposes and also its health benefits. Adding it to your daily diet can improve your overall health. Onions can help you stay away from diseases and infection and are effective when it comes to home remedies. You can use it for decongesting, cough, pain relief and many more.

The odor of onion can be an issue for some people which makes some hesitant in using it as more than a kitchen ingredient. However, using onions on your food and even in your body is worth the momentary odor. Onions are packed with chemicals, nutrients and mineral that are beneficial to the body.

Onions might be the last kitchen item you think about when it comes to beauty benefits but here’s what you need to know – the component of onions can help improve your skin’s complexion, improve the health of your hair and detoxify your body.

Below are some of the beauty and health benefits of onions.


Onions contain anti-aging properties such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E and antioxidants. All these properties can help remove free radicals in the body and reduce the negative effect of sun damage to the skin. Onion will also help reduce the appearance of fine lines, age spots and wrinkles.  Massaging onion juice on the skin will help improve blood circulation. This will make the skin regain its youthful glow.

Improved Health

Onions contain carminative, antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibiotic contents that can help improve health and prevent you from getting infections.

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Sleeping Problems

The nutrients and minerals in onions can help calm the nerves and reduce sleep irritability. Eating one onion a day can help improve the sleep cycle, prevent sleep disorders and cure insomnia.

Weight Loss

Eating one onion a day can help improve metabolism and digestion. If you want to have regular bowel movements and maintain weight, add more onions to your diet.

Healing of Blemishes

Applying fresh onion juice on insect bites, acne, burn, bee bite and more can help increase its healing process. The anti-inflammation and antibacterial property of onion will lessen the redness of the blemish and improve healing time.

Lighten Complexion

Eating onion will help purify your blood and the flavonoids in them will help give the skin its natural glow. You can apply a mixture of onion juice, milk, nutmeg and gram flour on the skin. Apply this mixture in pigmentation or dark spots on the skin to lighten them.

Onions are easy to find and is present in most homes. We hope that reading these benefits, you are encouraged to add more onions to your diet. Besides using it in your food, why not give its cosmetic purposes a try. Share with us some of your beauty onion recipes.

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