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5 Things You Should Know to Reduce Forehead Lines or Wrinkles

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Worried about your forehead wrinkles or fine lines? They are natural signs of aging. But if you are troubled because of their early appearance, you can try some steps to reduce its impact on your face.

1. Drink plenty of water

If you are dehydrated, your skin gets affected too. Dehydration causes dry skin and it is
prone to wrinkling. So always make sure to drink plenty of water.

2. Makeup Primer

Investing in a right foundation primer can do wonders for your fine lines. It hides your fine lines and keeps makeup from settling in the furrows of your forehead lines.

3. Wear bangs

To hide your wrinkles or forehead lines, wear bangs up to your brows. Then make a low side part right above your pupil. Don’t make it a center part as this will only draw more attention to your forehead.

4. Use facial patch or surgical tape

Apply a facial patch or surgical tape across your forehead or between the eyes at nighttime. These bandages hold the skin back in its unwrinkled position and train the muscles of your skin to stop sagging.

5. Use line-plumping creams

Use a moisturizer that has retinol or peptides. Retinoids stimulate collagen that helps to fill in creases and enhance skin. Apply them during the day and night.

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