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9 Beauty Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil

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Rose hip seed oil has been a buzzword in the beauty and health area for some time now. But what is it, really? Rose hip seed oil comes from a Himalayan wild flower called musk rose or Rosa moschata. While its elaborate white flowers has a sweet scent and the plant itself contains vitamin C, its value lies more in its seeds.

Its market in the beauty and skincare market is rapidly increasing. Models and celebrities can’t stop talking about it. Even aestheticians and dermatologists claim that it’s the secret, albeit it’s being know to everyone now, to a flawless skin. But what is it about rose hip seed oil that makes our skin, hair, and even nails achieve a state of perfect health? What cause this are the natural vitamins and essential fatty acids that are highly contained in them and best preserved when the seed oil is cold-pressed.

Here,we listed some exciting benefits of the rose hip seed oil.

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1.It clears blemishes.

Rose hip seed oil has clarifying abilities, which makes it a mild astringent. It can be used as a moisturizing cleanser that removes dirt and exfoliates dead skin cells. To achieve best results, use a microfiber cloth when applying this as moisturizer.

2.It lightens scars.

The trans-retonic acid content of this oil has a regenerative power that is good for your skin cells. It is recommended that this be used twice every day for more visible results. For older and less visible scars, you can already notice results within the first weeks. However, newer or more obvious scars may only fade and lighten after several months of application.

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3.It soothes redness and irritation

Linoleic acid found in rose hip seed oil has inflammatory properties, which helps ease redness and irritation in damaged capillaries. It’s also found out to effectively treat acne and rosacea. You must take note though that it’s important to consult with your physician if you are under any medical routine. Do not break it without medical advice.

4.It relieves the appearance of stretch marks.

It contains an ample amount of essential fatty acids that improve the skin’s strength and elasticity. When applied regularly, occurrences of stretch marks due to pregnancy, weight gain, or adolescence growth can be prevented. However, if the stretch marks are already present, rose hip seed oil can still be used to tone down the appearance.

5. It treats chronic dryness.

Our bodies do not produce essential fatty acids or EFAs that are found in rose hip seed oil, which is why we need to consume them through our skin. It does not leave an oily and sticky feel on our skin because it quickly absorbs and able to heal dry and itchy skin, caused by allergies, chemical exposure, and skin allergies.

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6.It slows down aging.

Rose hip seed oil contains trans-retonic acid, which is a natural Vitamin A. This helps reduce wrinkles, lighten fine lines, and fade age spots. What makes it a great alternative is that unlike other products that do the same job, rose hip seed oil does not leave the skin greasy and oily.

7.It nourishes Scalp and Hair

When applied, the skin absorbs the rose hip seed oil quickly, same as the scalp, so it’s perfect to use to help hydrate and moisturize dry and flaky scalp. Since it is light as oppose to other oil used for the hair and scalp, it is also non-greasy. Also, the antioxidants it contains prevent gray hair from sprouting due to its ability to reduce the build up of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles.

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8.It strengthens nails.

The fatty acids in rose hip seed oil not only improve the health of the skin and hair but also that of nails. When your nails are properly moisturized as compared to being weak and brittle, it is less prone to fungal infection. It may save you the hassle of using expensive and chemical-packed topical creams, which provide visible results after a long time. Definitely not cool.

9.It heals skin irritation and damage caused by environmental factors.

Based on reports, oils with high content of antioxidants have the ability to counter the UV radiation effects, which cause skin cancer. In addition, the regenerative properties of the antioxidants and vitamins can relieve sun damage. Rose hip seed oil helps make you stronger, younger, and healthier. Given these beauty and health benefits of this amazing product, it’s proven that it’s not only a hype or a fad. We don’t see it disappearing anytime soon or ever. If anything, we expect a major revolution in the market.

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