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Habits That Can Hurt Your Neck

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We refer to something that pesters or annoys us greatly as a “pain in the neck”. Well, that’s the same thing that comes to mind if the neck is literally hurting as it can make doing everyday activities so much frustrating.

According to doctors, up to 67 percent of the population suffers from a painful neck at some point, and they add that such problem usually doesn’t show up randomly or without any reason. Although it’s true that having a degenerative disease like arthritis or figuring in a vehicular or sports accident can leave the neck achy, there are also numerous everyday habits that can give rise to such issue.

If you are often bugged by neck pain and you are quite sure that you do not have arthritis or you were never part of a car accident that you cannot recall, then there’s a huge possibility that your recurring problem with your neck is because of some things that you regularly do without knowing that they are bad for the neck.

Below you will find some of those habits. Each time you come across one that you are evidently guilty of, tell yourself that you will ditch it ASAP to keep your neck free of pain.

Lying Down on the Couch

Doing this is perfectly fine if your head is propped up on the throw pillow. However, it’s a different story if you habitually place your head on the armrest — it’s something that hyperflexes your neck, and can leave your neck achy and sore if sustained for, say, 30 or 60 minutes. No matter if you are watching your favorite TV sitcom, gaming on your smart phone or catching some Z’s, lying down on the sofa with your head on the armrest is a no-no.

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Sleeping on Your Belly

One of the most terrible habits for your neck is sleeping on your stomach. Even without putting the opinion of an expert into the picture, it’s quite evident that it causes too much strain on the bones, ligaments and muscles in your neck. If you love taking a trip to dreamland on your belly and you often suffer from a painful neck, then it’s time to have your sleeping position reconsidered. The best sleeping position to keep your neck safe from harm is on your side or back.

Being in a Slouching Position

The lifestyle of today’s busy individuals can put the neck in a lot of strain, thus leaving it in pain. Such is most especially true for those who have to spend several hours in front of the computer while in a slouching position. The same problem can be observed in people who tend to use their smart phones all the time or read a lot of books — traditional or electronic alike. Maintaining proper sitting posture all the time and taking frequent breaks can help.

Cracking Your Neck

Many people crack or pop their necks simply because the act feels really good. However, experts say that this is actually something that can cause hypermobility of the bones in your neck, which can result to joint instability after some time. Besides, the feeling that you have to crack or pop your neck may be caused by a problem concerning the alignment of the spine and neck. If such is the case, it’s a good idea to consult a specialist.

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Lighting Up Cigarette Sticks

Everybody is well-aware that cigarette smoking is something that can wreak havoc to the lungs and heart. Did you know that this really unhealthy habit can also put you at risk of suffering from neck pain? That’s because smoking introduces toxins into your body that speeds up the process of aging and degeneration of the joints. Also, it impedes circulation by hardening the blood vessels, and this greatly diminishes oxygen and nutrient supply to your neck.

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