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Gorgeous Hair Colors for 2018

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2018 already begun and with it, the promise of new things from fashion to makeup, to nail art, to hair. You’ve probably been keeping an eye on your favorite actors to see what hairstyle they are sporting since they are often trendsetters to begin with. Well, the good news is that there are new hair colors that are worth watching out this 2018 and they are guaranteed to give your hair that extra oomph they need which can boost your confidence further. Here are some gorgeous colors to try this year.

Ash balayage hair colors

It appears that in 2018, you will see more women sporting ash balayage especially in those who are brunette or have blonde hair that already have some silver in them. Of course, the technique is important if you want to pull this off properly. To get the right texture for your hair, the hair dyes that you are going to use should be muted to give off that natural effect. This is perfect for those with long hair but you can still pull it off even if you have short to mid-length hair.

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Bleached out hair color

For those who are eager to make a statement with their hair, doing a bleached-outlook is definitely going to turn heads. After all, a completely bleached hair is rare to see and if you have the confidence to wear it, you will definitely get more thumbs-up with your look. However, this hair color is going to need plenty of maintenance on your end so make sure that you are ready for this kind of responsibility before doing the bleached look.

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Strawberry blonde balayage hair color

If you are red-haired lady and would like to make your beautiful mane more interesting to look at then incorporate balayage highlights for added dimension to your locks. The best hair color to use on your red mane is blonde to create that strawberry blonde look. Consult with your hairstylist on what process can do this hairstyle so you will know how it will look afterwards.

Jewel tones

Another hot hair trend that you will see more of this 2018 is jewel tones. The constant changing hue on the hair that resembles a sparkling jewel definitely turns heads. Go for ultra-vibrant punk colors if you are determined to make a statement. You can always tame the intensity of your hair colors if you look to suit your character. Either way, jewel toned hair will give you that whole new look you’ve always wanted.

Copper balayage highlights

Who doesn’t want to be called a brunette? This beautiful hair color is gorgeous for sure but for those who want more excitement to their hair, doing a copper balayage might be the thing you need. Adding copper balayage highlights to your hair is guaranteed to make your hair that more interesting to look at because of its added dimension. The best thing about adding copper highlights is that they look natural on brunettes so your hair color is going to be easy to maintain.

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Blondz hair color

No, that’s not a typo. Blondz is actually a word to describe the combination of blonde and bronze. Blondes who are in need of a hair makeover can opt for this shade as it looks rich and ultra-sexy too. 

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These are just a few examples of gorgeous hair colors that are guaranteed to be all the rage in 2018. What’s great about these hair colors is that they are still following a natural look for you unless of course, you are ready to make a huge change by turning your hair into jewel tones or bleached out.

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