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Health and Beauty Uses of Poinsettia

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Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s for sure that you will come across those very beautiful poinsettias more and more frequently. Other than making the Holidays look more complete, did you know that poinsettias actually offer an assortment of health and beauty benefits?

You may be raising an eyebrow now because you may have heard or read before that, although very much attractive, poinsettias are poisonous. Well, let’s set things straight: while it’s true that poinsettias belong to a genus that includes some poisonous plants, the fact is poinsettias associated with Christmas are non-toxic — sort of.

According to experts, it’s true that the leaves most especially of the poinsettia plant contain some toxins, but in very small amounts only. As an example, in order for a child weighing 50 pounds to ingest dangerous levels of toxins from the poinsettia plant, he or she would have to consume 500 poinsettia leaves.

Definitely, there is no need for you to steer clear of adorning your home with poinsettias this Holiday season. Not only do they make such time of the year more festive and memorable, but also offer health and beauty benefits. Traditionally, the many different parts of the poinsettia plants, from the roots to the bracts, are employed for healing.

Speaking of bracts, did you know that the actual flowers of the poinsettia plants are the green- or red-colored button-like structures right in the middle of what look like brightly-colored petals but are actually called bracts? Bracts are modified leaves that surround the flowers, and are usually more attractive than the flowers themselves!

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Indeed, the poinsettia plant is just interesting as its characteristic appearance! And now that you are more acquainted with the poinsettia plant — as well as the fact that it is not a poisonous plant, contrary to popular belief, is established — it’s time to take a look at some of the health and beauty perks it offers:

Parasite Killer

Traditionally, the poinsettia plant is used for getting rid of worms and other parasitic organisms in the GI tract. In other words, the plant popular most especially during the Holidays has superb antihelmintic properties.

Stomach Flu Ender

Another traditional use of poinsettias is for treating stomach flu. The roots of poinsettias are turned into paste and consumed. However, taking a lot of it is not recommended as it can cause vomiting.

Diarrhea Stopper

Poinsettias are also commonly employed by traditional healers in dealing with diarrhea, particularly the kind caused by microbes. Thanks to these Christmas plants, complications of diarrhea like dehydration may be nipped in the bud.

Snakebite First Aider

It is said that poinsettias are effective against snakebites. However, it’s a good idea to use it only as first aid. Whether you are sure or unsure that a snake is poisonous, it’s important to seek immediate medical attention when bitten.

Milk Booster

Poinsettias are known to help increase breast milk production. But just to be on the safe side, tell your doctor that you are not producing enough breast milk for your baby so that the necessary steps may be recommended.

Sexual Problem Solver

Based on traditional healing, the poinsettia plant is effective against an assortment of problems concerning the reproductive health. Some of them include gonorrhea, premature ejaculation and impotence.

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Wart Eliminator

The sap from poinsettia leaves may be applied directly on warts repeatedly to have those pesky and unsightly growths eliminated. That’s because the said sap possess powerful antifungal properties.

Pimple Healer

Similarly, the sap obtained from the leaves of the poinsettia plant may be used for treating pimples. Traditional healers also use the sap in dealing with so many other skin problems, especially those that are caused by microbes.

Unwanted Hair Remover

Did you know that the sap of poinsettias, regardless from which part of the plant it is obtained, can be used for removing unwanted hair? Yes, it is regarded as an all-natural depilatory, good for getting rid of pesky hair on your body.

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