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Top 10 Tips to Cool Sunburnt Skin

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1. Apply cold compress to sunburnt area.

2. Bath in cool water. You can also try adding a cup of cider vinegar to the water and try balancing the pH of the sunburnt area. That could facilitate relief. You may also bath in an oatmeal bath, if you feel extra itchy.

3. Lotions with aloe vera can help in soothing and moisturizing the sunburnt area. Look for lotions with lidocaine. It can help in relieving the pain.

4. Creams that contain one percent hydrocortisone, which you can buy over the counter, can aid in providing relief for pain, itchiness andswelling in the sunburnt area.

5. Ibuprofen or naproxen can also provide relief from the pain and swelling of sunburnt areas.

6. Soak a clean cloth in cooled (not cold) milk before applying it to the sunburnt area. It should make a protein film that would help provide relief for the unpleasant feeling of a sunburn.

7. Antioxidants are also anti-inflammatory when it comes to sunburns. Vitamin E oils can help provide relief. You can also take vitamin E supplements regularly.

8. Brew some tea and wait a few minutes. Once the tea is cool, take a clean cloth and soak it in the tea before applying it on the sunburnt areas. Tannic acid is black tea is believed to help in drawing heat from the sunburnt areas, and it can also help in the restoration of the pH balance.

9. Since they are loaded antioxidants and have analgesic properties, cucumbers are great for sunburnt skin. You can try chilling them, blending them to make a paste and rubbing the paste onto the sunburnt skin.

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10. Though all these are useful remedies, prevention is still the best course of action. Sunscreen is very important. So is the proper clothes and avoidance of direct sunlight.

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