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Ancient Practices to Stay Healthy in Flu Season

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When the flu season hits, everywhere you go, there will always be a few people who will be feeling under the weather. The coughing and sneezing can be heard on the bus, the subway, or the train station even. Just imagine how fast the virus can be transferred when you don’t keep yourself healthy. But the question is, how can you stay healthy during flu season? Most of us rely on medicine to keep flu symptoms at bay but it might be better to try some ancient practices that have been found to be effective in protecting you against the flu. Here are a few examples that you should try.

Nasya oil

In Ayurveda, nasya oil is often used on the nostrils to clear up the pathways from mucus or any blockages that may be forming. According to this ancient practice, when the sinuses, throat, nasal passages, and even the head are blocked, it can result to physical illness which can make you susceptible to the flu. The oil is used regularly to help clear up the air passages so that the life flow will continue smoothly.

Hydration is essential

Another ancient remedy that has been found to be helpful when it comes to protecting yourself from the flu is to stay hydrated. Increasing your intake of water can help flush the toxins that are compromising your immune system. Aside from water, you can have coconut water or fruit infused water which are refreshing and can keep you cool too.


Meditation is another ancient practice that has been found to be effective in keeping you healthy during the flu season. One reason behind this is that meditation teaches you how to relax and to lower your stress levels. Since you are less stressed, your body will be functioning better thus giving you the protection you need to combat any viral or bacterial infection that may trigger flu.

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Boost vitamin D intake

Although people are still of two minds when it comes to vitamin D and flu, studies show that when the amount of vitamin D in one’s body goes down, he or she becomes susceptible to flu. You may think that you are getting enough of this vitamin already but you might be surprised when you have it checked. It appears that a lot of people are deficient in this vitamin so you might want to consider upping your intake of foods that contain vitamin D or take supplements if you like.

Honey and ginger

This ancient remedy is perfect for those instances when you are starting to feel some blockage in your throat and nose. Both honey and ginger are known for their anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce any swelling in your air passages. Also, honey can help boost the healing process so you will feel better soon.

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