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Foot Health Facts for Women

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Women, because of their footwear and lifestyles, are more prone to injuries. Years of waling in narrow footwear and heels can pose many problems for not only the foot, but also the ankles.

Common injuries experienced by women

Morton’s Neuroma – This condition happens when nerve tissue in the ball of the foot thickens. It is normally because of a pinched nerve that is regularly compressed. The usual suspects for this condition include shoes with a tapered toe-box, or high-heeled shoes that can force the toes to become cramped into the toe box.

It’s a good idea to reserve the use of such shoes to formal events or special occasions. Try to wear comfortable shoes as much as possible, and if you can, do have a pair of slippers or flats when you are working in the office, so you can remove the shoes when you are going to be in the office all day.

Bunion– Bunions begin with the big toe leaning in an outward direction, and this can change the angle of the bone structure over the years, until the foot produces the characteristic bump. Most cases are caused by an inherited faulty structure in the biomechanics of the foot. Most bunion sufferers are women, though men can also get it. However, it is the shoes that women wear that make the deformity stand out more over the years.

Recent studies have shown that although the fault biomechanical structure in the foot is inherited, it does not mean that the person will automatically get bunions. Once you see that your foot may be forming a bunion, it may be a good idea to have a change in your footwear, and consult a doctor on how you can slow down or even stop the bunion from forming.

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Heel pain and plantar fasciitis– This condition is caused by overstraining the ligament that holds up the arch. The condition is worsened if the person also has some hereditary features that can exacerbate the strain. Most people who have heel pain and plantar fasciitis end up having times of the day where their feet are too painful for walking.

There is no one way to treat the condition, though the three important parts of the healing process is to use shoes with proper arch support, get a few hours rest off your feet when you feel the pain coming in, and to have prescribed painkillers ready.

Good Shoes

As you can see, many foot problems for women are caused by shoes that do not properly support the foot and leg structures. In addition, even if high heels can make you look taller and better, it may be a good idea not to be in them all day, and to have alternative shoes when you feel that your feet are already exhausted. Aside from that, it would be a good idea to exercise your legs and feet through toe curls, walking, and jogging. That way, your legs and feet will be able to give better support on the occasions that you do have to use uncomfortable shoes.

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