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Foods for Weight Loss in Winter

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The winter season may cause us to gain pounds especially when we don’t sweat that much. Unless of course you are in the gym every day or are physically active, you’ll be adding a few pounds to your weight. Just think about the parties that you are going to go to come the holidays. For sure, you will be groaning on how much your weight will change what with the party invites that are sure to come.

But should you really be worried about gaining weight in winter? Not if you know what foods to eat that is.


One of the best ways to keep your belly full and warm during the winter is eating a bowl of hot oatmeal. What’s great about oatmeal is that it is packed with phytonutrients as well as other vitamins and minerals that can help boost your metabolism. Fiber is also present in oatmeal which helps fill up your stomach fast. This reduces your cravings so you won’t be tempted to eat in between meals.


Although potatoes have a bad rep because of their high glycemic index, they shouldn’t be too much of a problem with your weight loss goals especially when you limit your consumption. A medium sized potato should be enough for the day as it contains more than 100 calories. You can bake it if you like but don’t spread too much butter or margarine as they can add calories to your body as well.


This tropical fruit is the perfect snack for the winter because, aside from having 60 calories per serving, it is packed with vitamin C and other essential nutrients that can prevent fats from accumulating in your body. Its taste is somewhat similar to strawberries or pears.

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This vegetable is actually synonymous with good health and one that you should definitely add to your winter diet. Kale is well known for the nutrients that it contains such as beta carotene, phytochemicals and other essential minerals and vitamins. It is also capable of detoxifying your body of any impurities which is a plus if you are trying to lose weight. Regardless of whether you bake it, steam it, or toss in your salad, kale is a must-have veggie this winter.


Another food that belongs to your winter weight loss diet is pomelo. This fruit has a thicker bark compared to grapefruit and is considerably sweeter. What makes it a good addition to your diet is that it is packed with antioxidants that can provide protection against free radicals that might trigger cancer. It also contains potassium as well as calcium which are important for your overall health.

Spaghetti squash

If you are looking for something to feed your little ones that is healthy and delicious, choose spaghetti squash. What’s great about this vegetable is that it can be prepared in so many ways such as baked, steamed, and the like. And if ever you want to entice your kids to eat vegetables, you can transform it into noodles. You can actually serve it with some marinara sauce if you like. The best part is that it is low in calorie content so you don’t have to worry about gaining pounds.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds can be eaten as a snack and you won’t regret it because they contain folate, vitamin B, and protein as well. Eating sunflower seeds can actually help improve your immune system so you won’t be at risk of suffering from various health problems. Don’t forget that sunflower seeds also have vitamin E which is good for your hair and nails.

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