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Natural Home Remedies to Banish Nail Fungus

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How will you know if you have nail fungus? If your nails appear inflamed and has this thickening or yellowing color that raises the nail from the nail bed, and sometimes accompanied by pain, your nails may be infected. This typically happens when the pH levels of your skin become abnormal due to poor hygiene, constant exposure to moisture, or your immune system is compromised. Having nail fungus can be embarrassing which is why you need to treat it as soon as possible.

Banishing nail fungus doesn’t have to be hard since there are natural remedies available. Here are a few that you can try out:

Baking soda

If excess moisture on your feet is the reason why you have nail fungus, the best way to treat this is by using baking soda. This ingredient not only removes excess moisture, but it can also eliminate the odor coming from your feet as well. You will need to create a paste by mixing baking soda with a small amount of water, then apply on the infected toenail. Allow it to set for 10 minutes then rinse afterwards.

Apple cider vinegar

This natural remedy should be a staple in your pantry as it has been proven to contain numerous health benefits. What’s great about ACV is that it can be applied topically, or you can ingest it, or do both. You can mix one part each of Epsom salts and ACV with six parts of hot water. Allow the water to cool until it is warm to the touch before soaking your feet in it for half an hour to get rid of the fungus dwelling in your feet and nails.

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You probably did not expect to see this in the list of home remedies to kill of your nail fungus, but mouthwash can do the trick since it also has antiseptic properties that can help eliminate the growing fungus under your nails. You will need to mix equal parts of mouthwash and distilled white vinegar then soak the foot or feet in it for half an hour. Scrub your nails gently. You can repeat this step twice a day if you like to help speed up the healing process.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an effective remedy in getting rid of your nail fungus because of its antifungal and antiseptic properties. You will need to clean the infected area first with alcohol before applying tea tree oil. Scrub gently after ten minutes. Make sure that you dilute the tea tree oil with carrier oil before applying on your nails.

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