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Incredible Beauty Benefits of Hibiscus

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Everyone knows that hibiscus flowers are some of the most stunningly attractive blooms on the face of the planet. Not too many people, however, are aware that they are actually good for the skin. In fact, both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese healers have been employing them for so many years now in dealing with numerous skin problems.

If you have some hibiscus plants in your garden, then you may consider yourself as someone who has easy access to an all-natural solution to various beauty-related issues. Below you will come across some of the most impressive skin benefits that hibiscus flowers are known to offer. Read on if you can’t wait to look your best!

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Radiant Complexion

Dried hibiscus petals that are pounded and combined with a little sea salt and coconut oil make for a wonderful exfoliating agent for your skin. Once or twice a week, gently massaging the mixture on your face helps remove excess dead skin cells, allowing you to be spotted with a complexion that seems to glow.

Instead of sea salt, you may also add coffee grounds to hibiscus petals and coconut oil! No matter which mixture you go for, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a head-turning complexion after exfoliating.

Shine-Free Skin

The same dried hibiscus petals may be combined with a little white clay mask powder and water, allowing you to come up with an oil-absorbing face mask.

Apply the said face mask, carefully avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Make sure that your t-zone is completely covered with this homemade face mask as that tends to be the oiliest section of the face. Once the face mask is already hard, rinse it off very well with lukewarm water. Pat dry and marvel at your matted face!

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Improved Fine Lines

To get rid of fine lines, you may get injected with botox and risk having loss of facial expression. Or you may rely on some hibiscus petals to improve the appearance of those fine lines without any unfavorable side effect.

What you need to do is gather a handful of hibiscus petals and pound them. Apply the resulting gooey substance on your face, paying special attention to areas where those fine lines are ­ — across the forehead, the sides of the eyes and corners of the mouth. After 15 to 20 minutes, rinse off with water thoroughly.

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Purified Pores

Grab a small basin and fill it halfway with hot water. Now gather a handful of hibiscus petals and tear them apart, and then dunk them in the basin. Get a couple of bay leaves, crush them and throw them, too, in the basin. Place your face a few inches over the basin and drape a large towel over your head.

Doing this beauty regimen on a regular basis can help detoxify your pores, making them cleaner and look smaller. This also makes your pores less susceptible to becoming clogged up, infected and swollen.

Rejuvenating Bath

We all know how expensive roses are, so taking a luxurious bath with rose petals can definitely wreak havoc to your budget. Luckily, you don’t have to wind up broke just to look and feel like a celebrity. That’s because you may count on hibiscus petals instead of rose petals and still enjoy a rejuvenating bath.

Most especially at the end of a tiring day or week, pampering yourself with hibiscus bath can help in lowering your stress, thus keeping at bay its many negative effects on your health as well as appearance.

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