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Mistakes You Make When Contouring

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One of the makeup trends that seem to have stayed for a while now is facial and body contouring. We’ve seen tutorials pop up one after another on different websites. Honestly, it’ s one of those techniques that revolutionized the makeup game. With simple highlighting and contouring, we are able to change our appearance. From emphasizing our feature, changing our face shape or using it for Cosplay. Though, achieving the perfectly contoured appearance is easier said than done.
Contouring is now a huge issue due to its ability to dramatically
change someone’s appearance. Ignorant people would say that it is a form of witchcraft. To make it perfectly clear, contouring is an art from. Shaping someone’s appearance using lights and shadows is difficult. Strategically placing highlight and contour to mimic the appearance of light to create a slimmer nose, bigger bust, toned arms, higher cheekbones, etc.
Here are a few mistakes people tend to make when contouring. Below are also some tips to help fix these common contouring hitches.

Wrong Undertone

The whole technique of contouring is to use highlights and natural
shadows to create definition and angles on the face. When buying shades for your highlight and contour, pick ones that will harmonize with your natural skin tone. Identifying the right tone, shades and undertone of your skin is important. Are you a warmed undertone or cool undertone? Picking the wrong undertone can either give your skin an unnatural finish or look a tad bit too dark.

Incorrect Placement

This one is one of the most well-known mistake that a lot of us make. You’ve seen different tutorials on how to contour and highlight. You follow these instructions to the T, but end up with something messy and unnatural. This is most likely due to the placement. When seeking tips about contouring, look for ones that cater to your face shape. Even if you follow through the face sha pe, look at yourself in the mirror and the model, compare your features. Use the contouring basics of t he tutorial and look at the hollows and high points on your face too. Think about how the light and shadow should appear. Placing your highlighter too high on your forehead can make you look like you have a wide forehead and placing shadows way below the cheekbones will seem unnatural.

Placing Too Much Highlight

We’ve seen some makeup artist that have recommended using highlight alone to accentuate the face. This can give you that no makeup, but glowing from within look. Though, too much of a good thing is never a good idea. Avoid making your face into one big ball of light, but picking the right product and learning to blend. Pick a highlighter that is just a few shades from your natural skin tone and make sure to blend it to make it look like skin.

Not Blended

This is a very common problem when it comes to contouring and highlighting. Blending is one of the key points when it comes to contouring. Without this, you will end up with harsh lines and weird light patches. Remove any harsh line in areas where products meet, such as the hollows of the cheeks, blush and highlights on the under eye area. This is one of the most noticeable contouring mistake and can be easily caught on pictures.

Incorrect Tools

For precision, you need certain tools to apply each product. Using one brush for everything will only leave you with a sloppy mess. Brushes that are too big is not advice and anything too small can create patchy work. Look for ones that perfect for each section of the face. Use an angled blush brush for the contours of the cheek, a small brush to create the contours on the nose and so on.

Too Much Blush

Using too much blush can make the contour look careless and unnatural.When applying blush, consider how it could affect your highlight and shadows. If you’ re going for something more natural opt for gentle and light application.
If you’ve ever experienced some of these contouring snags before, we hope that this article was able to help you understand how and why it happened. We hope that you learn the right ways to apply contour. Before your start contouring your face consider your face shape. Each face shape requires different contouring methods. We’ll discuss this topic further in a different article
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