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Quick Fixes For Makeup Problems

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Most of us will never get close to having our own makeup team to fix us up before we leave the house or look like an Instagram star when we go for our daily commute, but the least we can do is get the basic makeup done right? Well, you might be surprised to know that most people commit to breaking the basic rules of makeup. Learn how to apply and correct common makeup mistakes. Learn how to enhance your natural beauty and avoid looking too made up. We all make mistakes, even the best
makeup artist does. We hope that these quick fixes can help you and prevent you from going through some makeup blunder.

Applying Bronzer All Over

That sun kissed glow is great for any skin tone. We can achieve this without tanning by using bronzer on the skin, but a lot of people make the mistake of applying too much. You’ll notice that some people would look like they reincarnated from a star due to the amount of bronzer all over their skin. This product was created to give you a subtle glow, not an overall tan. Focus your application on the muscle line of your body, such as the v line of the hips, collar bone, cheek bone, jaw, forehead and sides of the

Using a Brow Pencil

Due to the sudden rise of liquid, gel and powder brow products, the brow pencil seems to be obsolete. The unnatural line and color of brow pencils seem too overdone. Using gel or powder products can give a more spot on brow line and natural shape. We’re not telling you to throw away your brow pencil though. If you want to achieve the same effects with a brow pencil, use an
old mascara wand or eyebrow brush to soften the lines and give it a fading effect.

Eyeshadow First

One of the few fall outs of using powder eyeshadow is the fallout. You create the risk of ruining your makeup. You can prevent this by applying your whole eye makeup first before applying foundation. No need to increase the risk of smudging your makeup. When you’re at of the house and notice some powder on your cheeks, use some clear tape to remove it.

Unkempt Brows

There has been a lot of emphasis on eyebrows now a days. Big brows, thin brows, bushy eyebrows, dyed brows and so on. All of these are great ways to add emphasis to the face, but not all of us are given the ability to pull all of it off. So, before going on any major eyebrow makeover think it through. Once you get your desired eyebrow, go to a professional. Eyebrows are very prominent in our face, leaving it unkempt can affect your whole appearance. Just adding powder, plucking some stray hair or filling it in can make a huge difference.

Cake Face

Avoid looking like you applied the whole bottle of foundation on
your face by creating small tiny dots around your face (mostly on the center) instead of adding it all at once. This can help you blend it better and create a thin base. You can always add more product if it appears to sheer. You can remove the excess foundation by soaking a clean sponge and dabbing it away.

Raccoon Eyes

This is a common and embarrassing experience. Imagine walking around work or school not knowing that you look like a raccoon due to your mascara or eyeliner falling down to your cheeks. This is a common problem for people that have oily skin or sweats a lot. You can prevent this from happening by dabbing your face with a blotting paper every few hours or applying an oil free concealer under your lashes. Set the concealer using a translucent powder and repeat this process half way through your day. The concealer will act as a barrier preventing your makeup from travelling to y our cheeks.
What do you think about these quick fixes? Don’t let common makeup mistakes get you down. Learn the right way to fix them and ways to prevent your makeup from unraveling. Never forget the best way to make yourself look naturally beautiful is to be confident!
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