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Say Goodbye to Arm Jiggle With These Workout Moves

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Are you embarrassed to wear sleeveless shirts? You don’t like lifting your arms to see your bingo wings?  Most women struggle with this problem, no need to be ashamed. It is common for women to have a stronger lower body than a stronger upper body. The years we spent running from class to class or walking to work in heels have paid off and gave us strong thighs and legs, but we tend to forget to work on our arms or more specifically our triceps area. This is specifically prominent with people that work a sedentary lifestyle. As much as we want to lift weights while we type or do our work we can’t. Tip tapping on the keyboard all day isn’t helping remove the fat either.

Don’t worry though, you can work on toning your triceps and saying goodbye to your arm jiggle with this arm exercises specifically made to target the triceps muscle. You can do this workout at home or during your break in the office.

Here are the best arm exercises for removing Arm Jiggle:

1. Chair Dips

For this exercise you will need a furniture that is at least 2 feet higher than the ground. The surface of the furniture must be stable and sturdy. You can use the edge of your bed or a chair. Make sure that you have 3 feet of free space in front of the item to move freely. 3 sets of 20 reps every day

  • Stand in front of the furniture and face the other way. If you are using a chair, sit on the edge of the chair and firmly grasp the edge of the seat and step a few feet forward. Stop when your hands are the only thing holding the chair. You can do this with furnitures or you could go directly to a squatting position and grasping the edge of the furniture. Your knee should be the same height as the furniture.
  • Keep your upper body straight when performing this exercise. Slowly lower yourself to the ground and before you reach the floor raise yourself again. Return to first position and that is one rep. Your triceps muscle should be used not your legs.
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2. Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are one of the basic weight lifting exercises that help increase arm strength and tone arm muscles. This exercise may seem very simple, but it  tones three different muscles in the bicep area. To perform this exercise you will need dumbbells. One dumbbell in each hand, it should weight around 5 to 15 pounds each.  The weight of the dumbbells will depend from person to person. It’s best to start with the lightest weight before you go on to anything heavy.

  • Start by standing feet apart (should be the width of your hips) and relax your shoulders. Pick up your dumbbells keeping that position and place both arms on the side.
  • The palms of your hands should be facing forward. Raise the weights at the same time or alternating. When the weights are near your chest, slowly lower them to starting position. Keep your elbows close to your hip bone and keep your back straight throughout this exercise.
  • Keep the tensions in your biceps, if you find this exercise too easy increase the weight of your dumbbell.
  • If you don’t have any dumbbells at home, you can use anything that can replace the 5 pound weight like a can of sausage or a water bottle.

3. Shoulder Press

This is a very simple exercise that will tone your triceps and firm up the skin in your underarm area. All you need is dumbbells/ water bottle.

  • Stand feet apart and hold one big barbell or two small ones on each hand. Raise your hands above your head and slowly lower the weight just behind your head. If your holding one barbell clasp your hands together to firmly grip it. If you are holding two, place them close together.
  • Extend your arms and straighten your elbow above your head. Slowly lower the weights and bend your elbow to go back to your starting position. Repeat this step 8 to 10 reps.
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4. Arm Circles

This is an easy exercise you can do at work while you’re sitting down. This works the whole upper arm area, shoulder and back muscles. Allow space for your arms to move properly to avoid injury.

  • Raise your arms and extend them to your sides. If you can stand stand firmly, feet apart. Keep your shoulders and back straight. Begin by rotating your arms creating small circles.
  • Do 10 -20 rotations, then rotate your arms in the opposite direction. You can increase the intensity of this workout by adding on hand weights or speeding up your rotations.

5. Body Rockers

This is an easy exercise that you can do on the floor or with a yoga mat.

  • Start in planking position and slowly transfer your weight from your elbows to your hand alternately until you have the push up starting position.
  • Return to the original planking position and repeat these steps for 10 to 12 reps.

These exercises are great for toning the arms and skin in the triceps area. Continue doing these exercises for two weeks to see a difference. If you follow a healthy eating habit and exercise your arm jiggle will completely disappear in 6 weeks.

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