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Makeup Trends Perfect for Winter

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The winter season may leave your surroundings shrouded in white or in a palette of different shades of greys but this doesn’t mean that you can let the color fade from your face. As a matter of fact, since you are all bundled up from the cold, the only place that you can add more color is on your face.

So what are the latest makeup trends that you can follow for the winter season?

Bright pink and pastel lips. Soft pink lips exude innocence and when you pair this with dark eye shadows, you know where the eyes will train to. Bright pinks are also a hot trend come the winter as they add a pop of color where you want them.

Arty liner. Play with your eye liner to make your eyes small or big. You can stick with the traditional straight lines or create a more interesting effect by using sharp angles that will make others look deep into your eyes or make your overall look for modern and stylish.

Copper penny lids. Another makeup trend that became the rage in many fashion runways recently is the copper penny look. It can cover a wide area around the eyes without overdoing it. The best part is that this hue makes the eye shadows look natural while still giving others the idea that you are wearing makeup. You can wear this shade during the day or night.

Glitter eye. How about adding some glitters to make your eyes look dazzling? Since the holiday is just around the corner and most likely invites to parties will come soon, dress up to the nines and add this bit of flair to your eyes. For sure, you will stand out in the crowd.

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Graphic black eyes. There is no denying that black eye shadows, when applied correctly, exude elegance. Regardless of whether you are aiming for a winged tip look or smudge look, you will definitely give your eyes a more dramatic appeal. Pair this smoky look of yours with lighter colored lips and you’re ready to step out of your house in style.

Fluorescent makeup. Well, when you’re talking about colors, the fluorescent makeup trend is definitely worth looking into. This trend was made popular back in the 80s but has now gone back in style. Whether you are aiming for just a hint of fluorescent or all out tint, this makeup trend will let you rock your look while still keeping that feminine charm of yours. If you want to make a statement, this one definitely delivers.

Eyes without any makeup. Since it appears that the current trend this fall and winter is no makeup, you can do so with your eyes. To pull this off, aim for thicker brows to frame your face and bright colors on the lips. This will draw eyes to your lips for sure. You can add a hint of color on your cheeks too if you like but don’t overdo it.

Dark lips. The Gothic vibe is still a trend in winter with its black to deep plum shades for the lips. Matte and glossy dark lips give off that darkly demure look and if you add dark pigments, you’ll be giving off that slightly insolent aura.

These are just a few makeup trends that you can try out this winter especially when you want to make a statement or just want to try a new look. Mixing and matching your makeup with your outfit is definitely fun to do. Who knows? You might just find the look that best fits your character.

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