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Reasons Why You Should Quit Sugar Now

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Who doesn’t want to have that sugary treat when we were kids? That satisfying sweetness we’ve come to love has become part of our diet even after we’re all grown up. But did you know that too much sweets have a detrimental effect to our health? You might think that this is all rubbish and that you are just indulging your sweet tooth from time to time so there should be no harm to you at all. Unfortunately, even indulging once in a while can still have some negative effects on you.

If you are wondering why many health experts are recommending that you should quit sugar as soon as possible, here are some reasons why.

  • It can inhibit your mental prowess. The problem with sweets is that it can cause your blood sugar levels to become unbalanced. Yes, it does give you that sudden boost in energy but once the effects of sugar disappear, your energy levels will go down at a rapid rate, leaving you sleepy and unable to function properly.
  • It reduces your cholesterol. High-fat diet alone cannot be blamed for the rise in your cholesterol level but your insulin levels too which can be triggered by eating too much sweets. Many are saying that cholesterol is not that important in our health but MS or metabolic syndrome is actually a combination of conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, arterial plaque, and even high triglycerides just to name a few. You can reduce your cholesterol level by avoiding too much sweets.
  • It makes you gain weight. Another problem that is linked with sugar is that it can actually cause to eat more. Aside from this, sugar is actually causing stress to your pancreas because it is forcing it to produce more insulin. When this happens, other hormones become neglected including those that regulate one’s weight as well as metabolism. Once these systems become imbalance, you can experience rapid changes in your mood as well as onset of fatigue.
  • It will make healthy food taste better. When you consume sugar, you are actually triggering endorphins to be released in your system which makes you happier overall. However, the more sugar that you consume, the less appetizing other healthy foods become to you. Once you reduce or quit eating sugar altogether, you will find that fruits, vegetables, and other healthier options will appear more delicious to you.
  • It can destroy your liver. Another problem with sugar is that it is actually destroying your liver. Foods that are high in fructose content such as soda, juice, syrups, and other sweetly laced foods can cause your liver to work overtime just to process them. Unfortunately, when your liver works too much, it can trigger high blood pressure, fatigue, kidney stones, and gout just to name a few. Too much sugar can also cause fat to appear in your liver thus increasing your risk to various liver diseases.
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These are just a few reasons why quitting sugar is one of the best things that you can do for your overall health.

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