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Get Cute Manicure with These Easy Nail Art Tips and Tricks

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Most women nowadays are joining in the bandwagon when it comes to nail art as you can see several sporting different designs and styles on their nails that range from simple to the more intricate ones. You’re probably looking at Instagram and other social media sites just to see what the latest nail art designs are now available. Although most women opt to go to the nail salon to have their nails done, if you are just starting out with nail polish and nail art, you’re probably thinking of experimenting on your own.

With that being said, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to create some easy nail art designs for that cute manicure you’ve always wanted.

Jagged edge look. Most nail art designs make use of different colors to create a more vibrant design. If you want to give your nails that edgy look, you will need some tape and craft scissors first. You will need to apply the base coat and base polish first on your nails then let them dry. Cut a jagged edge on the tape and place it on top of your nails. Leave some space between the tape and the cuticle bed. Paint the space using your choice of color. Remove the tape and let the nail polish dry. Cover with top coat and you’re done. You now have an edgier looking nails.

Intricate designs. Another tip that you can use if you want to create some intricate designs in your nails is to use the same old gel pens that you are using when writing. To make the details in your nails stand out even more, use a black gel pen to bring out a more precise looking design. You’ll be surprised on how easy it is to create unique and cute designs on your own.

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Marble look. You’re probably thinking that doing marbled nails is going to be so complicated but to tell you the truth, it’s pretty easy. You will need some saran wrap, base coat, top coat, and your choice of nail polish. Apply the base coat first then your nail polish. Cut some saran wrap and bunch them up then apply a different nail polish on the saran wrap then dab it on the nails. Allow to dry then apply top coat.

Stripes. Adding stripes to your nails can give them that edgy look but how do these women even manage to create some interesting designs with stripes? For this you will need a super thin nail tape that you can place on your nails in any way you like. The nail tapes come in a variety of colors and designs so choose one that will work best for you or several, whichever you prefer. Just cut the tape and apply on your nails after your nail polish has dried. Feel free to add accessories like beads or jewels to make your nails stand out further.

Tiny polka dots. Simple designs are often the best so if you want to give your nails a simple yet fun design, adding tiny polka dots might just be what you need. Fortunately, adding tiny dots is not going to be that hard to do especially when you have an old band aid around. Just place the band aid over your nail once the nail polish is completely dry and paint with your choice of nail polish. Remove the band aid and wait for the polka dots to dry before applying your top coat.

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