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Tips on How to Curl Your Hair That Will Last

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Regardless of whether you have curly hair or you’d like to curl your hair from time to time, you’re probably thinking how to make your curls last longer. This is not surprising given that curls do add more character to your overall look. Those ringlets that fall naturally around your face or the softer curls that look like your face is framed in waves add to your beauty without a doubt. But how will you make them last?

Get a good haircut

This is probably the last thing that you would be thinking of when you want to curl your hair but it does help you out in the long run. You see, blunt haircuts are harder to curl and so is damaged hair. Those split ends will make your hair look dry even when you curl it which is something that you don’t want to experience. Trim your hair first and use hair serums to revitalize your dry hair before curling to make it look more natural.

Don’t forget the texture

If you have long and straight hair that you want to curl, you will need to remember to add more texture to your hair. This is where investing on a good curling mousse or spray comes in. Apply it on dry or wet hair before curling so that the spray will be able to retain your hair’s shape as you curl it. A finishing spray seals the deal.

Choose a good dry shampoo

Prolonging the curls on your hair can also happen when you use dry shampoo on days when you just got some nice curls and waves on your hair. Since you don’t want to repeat the whole procedure of curling your hair, using dry shampoo on your mane will not only keep your hair and scalp clean but it will also retain the curls and waves on your hair. You’ll look like you’ve taken a shower with the way your hair shines even.

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Invest in the right curling tool

Most often go for the old style curling iron to help them achieve those nice ringlets that frame their face but the problem with this is that the iron is not ceramic plated hence your hair is prone to burning. This can leave your hair more damaged than before. A better option would be to use a ceramic flat iron which will give some beautiful curls that are sure to last longer. A finishing spray will help keep your curls longer too so make this the final step to your hair routine.

Use heat protector

As much as you are eager to bust out your curling iron to get those curls, make sure that you apply some heat protector to your hair as much as possible. Keep in mind that you will be subjecting your hair to some intense heat. Without proper protection, you are leaving your hair more susceptible to damage which will not make your curls look great. There are many heat protecting hair products being sold today so ask which one will work best on your hair type.

Start from the top

Most of us tend to section our hair when curling it, starting from the bottom to the top. But if you want to make things easier, start from the top and end at the bottom. You’ll be surprised to find that it takes less time to have your hair curled compared to before. Just make sure that you apply heat protection first before doing this step to keep your hair safe while still getting those desirable curls. 

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Curling your hair doesn’t have to be tough. These steps alone can help make you keep your hair curled up longer than before. See for yourself.

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