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Best Post Workout Food and Why They Work

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What we eat after our workout plays a huge role in the efficiency of our exercise. The wrong post workout food can hinder your weight loss, muscle gain or so on. Some can even make the post workout soreness a lot worse. Post workout foods should target rebuilding muscle tissue, hydration and refueling the body. Below are some of the best post workout food or meals you can make and why they actually work.

Avocado and Egg Sandwich

Egg salad sandwiches are great for post work out since eggs contain good amounts of protein and amino acids that can help with muscle development and repair. Adding some avocado instead of mayo to your sandwich can help give it an extra boost. Avocados contain high amounts of antioxidant can healthy fat, making it perfect for repairing the body, detoxification and weight loss. You can serve this with whole wheat bread, lettuce and tomato. You can also skip the bread and make it into a salad.

Greek Yogurt

One of the easiest snacks you can have after a workout is Greek yogurt. It is packed with nutrients, protein and good bacteria that can help with restoring muscle, hydration and metabolism. You can add more to this snack by adding flax seeds, almonds and honey.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

If you are not much for full meals after a workout, why not try smoothies. A great alternative to green smoothies is something that can help enhance your energy levels and help repair the muscle. One of the most delicious recipes out there is the peanut butter banana smoothie. It is just a simple combination of almond milk, cinnamon, peanut butter, banana and if you prefer protein powder. This smoothie can help control your blood sugar, it will prevent you from binging after a workout. You can also add some healthy ingredients such as flaxseeds and spinach to this recipe.

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Apple and Almond Butter

Get your dose of nutrients with this simple post workout snack. The small snack can keep you feeling full, energetic and hydrated after your workout. You can substitute apple with celery or other hydrating fruit or veggie.

The body tends to be filled with lactic acid after workout. The main purpose of post workout meals is to help with recovery. These meals above can help enhance muscle tissue repair and reduce post-workout soreness. These foods can also help burn fat even after working out. Skip foods that are high in protein and opt for ones that tend to be more acidic to help with recovery and hydration if you are prone to soreness.

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