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Zinc Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet

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Zinc plays an important role in our immune function by helping your blood clot quickly when you get injured as well as regulate your blood sugar levels as well. Although this mineral is essential to our overall health, we only need small amounts of it. For example, women who are 19 years old and above will need only 8 milligrams of zinc every day while pregnant women will need 11 milligrams.

Most of us get our zinc from animal products like eggs, meat, and seafood, but there are other options available as well such as:

Pumpkin seeds

Eating pumpkin seeds can help protect you from prostate cancer and aid in improving your immune system as well. A 100 gram of pumpkin seeds already contains 10.3 mg of zinc which can help add to the recommended daily intake. It is much better to eat the seeds raw rather than roast since the latter can reduce their health benefits.

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Oysters are actually one of the best sources of zinc in any food as three ounces of it already has 32 milligrams of zinc which is more than three times the amount you should eat per day. Although eating oysters is a nice treat, it would be better to eat in moderation.


There are certain types of vegetables that pack plenty of zinc such as peas, soybeans, and lima beans just to name a few. A cup of soybeans can provide you with 9 mg of zinc while lima bans and peas have 2 mg of zinc per serving. Other vegetables that can provide you with zinc are Brussels sprouts, corn, potatoes, and Swiss chard.

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Blue crab

Another food that is a good source of zinc is blue crab, so if you are happy eating the meat of boiled crabs, have fun with it. Eating about three ounces of the meat of raw blue crab can provide you with 3 milligrams of zinc already. Take note that the amount of zinc for the crab varies depending on the source.

Dark chocolate

What other food can you get zinc from? Well, good news as dark chocolate is included in this list as a single square of it can help boost your zinc level already. Eating a 100 gram of dark chocolate can provide you with 9.6 mg of zinc already which is great. If you are looking for dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth but remain healthy, then have some dark chocolate.

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Hemp seeds

You can also get zinc from plant-based sources and one of them is hemp seed. Sprinkling hemp seeds on your salad or yogurt is a good idea as it can help mix your food up with more healthy stuff. What’s great about hemp seeds is that they are packed with good fats, and if you take three tablespoons of it, you’re already consuming 3 milligrams of zinc already.


When it comes to eating vegetables, one particular food that you should also add to your list of ingredients to buy is mushroom because it is high in zinc content. Consuming a cup of cooked white mushrooms can already provide you with 1.4 mg of zinc. You can add it to your soups, stews, or stir-fry if you want.

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Making sure that your zinc levels are regulated can help you in numerous ways. Fortunately, there are dozens of sources for zinc that you can add to your diet such as those that are mentioned above. By ensuring that your zinc levels are stable, you will be able to keep yourself from suffering from zinc deficiency.

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