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9 Easy Home Remedies for those Annoying Puffy Eyes

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Puffy and/or dark eyes are annoying and suck out so much life out of your face. You probably are tired that’s why you have puffy eyes but alcohol, smoking and excessive diets can also lead to this along with the deterioration of skin quality. Remember to take care of any swelled up or unhealthy part of your body you have to treat your whole body well so everything works together to heal more efficiently.

To rid of puffy eyes easier you must take care of your skin especially your entire face which is very sensitive to dirt and blemishes. Lack of sleep, lack of a nourishing diet can show easily on the eyes of those who work all day. Good thing natural is best and cheapest, here are natural home remedies to perk up those windows to your soul!

1. A Potato Instead of a Cucumber for Once!:Potatoes boost your collagen levels which is what puffy eyes need the most besides a good night’s rest. It also contains a lot of some B Vitamins and minerals such as Potassium that greatly aids in cellular function. Slice some potatoes pretty thinly and chill those in the freezer for 2 or 3 minutes, the younger ones give off more moisture though! These slices go on the eyes for 15-20 minutes and you’ll notice the skin getting tighter and perhaps less dark.

2. Vitamin Milk Oil and Oatmeal Mask: This is pretty good for sensitive skin too especially if you watch out for the amount of crushed Vitamin C you put in. To make this mask mix 2 or 3 crushed high quality Vitamin C tablets finely with enough milk, soymilk, or even an essential oil or olive oil instead, but the oatmeal mixed in will help as a very gentle exfoliant and soft clean scrubber. Coconut oil is great too and known for its healing and youth preserving qualities.

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3. Oil is your Best Friend: It is hard to stop talking about all the good kinds of cooking and beautifying oils, and the oils that act as both such as coconut and olive oil. Tea tree oil has wonderful healing and youth preserving qualities too! Vitamin E oils are a smart idea and are concentrated with the antioxidant known to preserve skin quality, a few drops of Vitamin E oil or enriched in Vitamin E massaged around the eyes will show quick results too.

4. Cucumber relief: Chilled cucumber slices while listening to your favored sounds is a classic and yet still effective way to go. Collagen has a lot of concentrated water, antioxidants and even collagen which is your skin’s best friend as well.

5. Tea Bags!: If tea tree oil is healing then so is tea. The bags can either be chilled or hot, you can even start with cold then move onto hot to really stimulate the circulation around your eyes, thus easing the swelling and forcing more blood to circulate on the area which gives the tissues more consistent oxygen supply. Of course the antioxidants help a lot too.Chamomile or green tea is best and are known for their soothing and medicinal effects. Put together they soothe the stomach incredibly well and give you a good night’s rest which also greatly contributes to perkier eyes.

6. Temporary Ice Compress: Cold compresses are very effective when it comes to swelling, it cuts off some blood flow but not to an unhealthy extent. The shrunken veins will get less swollen with the exposure to the cold, switching from hot and cold compresses like hot and cold showers are good for you because they train your body to circulate blood more thoroughly from the inner organs to the skin’s surface.

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7. Egg Mask: This is very reliable and a cheap fix for a sudden bombardment of amino acids and collagen introduced to the skin. The egg yolk is very pungent though and I do not recommend including it in the mask, just set aside for a dish. Beat the white but not too much so that is fluffs up a bit and becomes easier to spread on the face. Just brush a good layer of this egg white on the eye area especially but you might as well go for the full face and some on the neck. It really pulls your skin up, this egg mask mixed with other good habits will keep you younger longer. Do remember to wash your face lightly before applying this mask and you will wash your face lightly again. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes or until it is very dry and constricts your face from a lot of movement.

8. Are you Forgetting your Water? A lot of people get sick either long or short term and do not get to look their best when they forget to drink water, and especially if they replace it more with soda, coffee and high-sugar juices. Water is the elixir of life, respect it and respect your temple of a body and drink up!

9. Avocado and Brown Sugar Mask: You can add kiwi, citrus or extra oils in this concoction. Obviously being a packed super food, avocado has Vitamin C and E and some B Vitamins. Brown sugar crystals also leave a moisturized and exfoliated feel, they can be more gentle than salt indeed.

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