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Why Doing Origami Can Help You Stay Healthy

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The Japanese art of folding paper into various shapes is called origami. This art form enables you to come up with animals, flowers, fruits and others through steps that can range from very easy to incredibly challenging.

Other than allowing you to whip up decorative pieces out of paper, did you know that origami also lets you enjoy a number of health benefits? Actually, more and more health care providers are recommending their patients to engage in origami for various therapeutic purposes.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the reasons why you should consider giving origami a try:

It Helps Lower Stress Levels

Everyone knows that stress is something that has to be put under control. Otherwise, it can wreak havoc to one’s health in a number of ways, involving not only the body but also the mind. Doing origami lets your brain, eyes and hands get preoccupied with folding paper, lowering the levels of those stress hormones.

It Controls Anxiety, Too

Frustrated that none of those anti-anxiety tips online seem to work effectively during an anxiety attack? Then give origami a chance to prove just how capable it is in managing anxiety. As soon as you start folding pieces of paper and turning them into all sorts of shapes, your anxious thoughts and the physical symptom they bring will start going away.

It Deals With Negative Emotions

Spending hours on end turning sheets of paper into swans, elephants, storks, roses, snowflakes and so many others is said to help in managing negative emotions effectively. Especially if it seems like you are losing family members and friends because of your temper, doing origami can help save relationships.

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It Sharpens Your Mind

Scientists say that your brain is like a muscle, and it becomes stronger the more you use it. Origami is an activity that lets you employ your mind undividedly, helping to strengthen those brain cells of yours. As a result, you can save your memory from becoming dull, plus you also get to hone your creativity.

It Boosts Eye-Hand Coordination

There are lots and lots of daily activities that require the use of your hands and eyes simultaneously, from reading a book, driving to your office to composing an e-mail. By doing origami on a regular basis, you get to considerably boost your eye-hand coordination, allowing you to carry out so many tasks with ease and precision.

It Keeps Addictions at Bay

Did you know that origami is one of the many tools employed these days by professionals for curbing addictions? No matter if you are hooked on shopping or sugary foods, you can get your hands on a few sheets of paper and start folding them into decorative pieces, allowing your attention to be focused on something else other than your cravings.

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