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Herbal Teas That Help Flatten the Tummy

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You can always take capsules that promise to make your stomach flat and risk encountering some unfavorable side effects. Or you can simply brew yourself a cup of herbal tea that is guaranteed to make your midsection a more flattering one. Continue reading to know how to have a flatter tummy with the help of a few herbal teas.

Everyone knows that different herbal teas offer different health and beauty benefits, and some of these beverages from nature are capable of assisting in making a bulging stomach go away.

Some of these belly-flattening herbal teas work by flushing out excess water, while others sweep out accumulated toxins in the gut. Then some of them help in improving digestion to keep at bay cravings. Other herbal teas help by regulating the blood sugar, thus keeping at bay hunger pangs. As you can see, regardless of the root cause of your unflattering midsection, it’s for certain that there’s an herbal tea that can help you deal with it.

Without further ado, here are some herbal teas that are known to help in flattening the tummy area:

Ginger Tea

It’s common knowledge that ginger tea is an effective home remedy for nausea and indigestion. Are you aware that it’s also something that can help in making your tummy look great? Ginger tea works by improving the process of digestion, thus allowing you to get all the nutrients in the foods you eat, leaving you feeling so satisfied.

Mint Tea

Just like ginger tea, mint tea is very good at enhancing digestion, thus enabling your body to become fully nourished and satiated. Actually, mint tea has mild appetite-suppressing properties, too. It’s actually for this reason why some claim that brushing your teeth with minty toothpaste can help curb your appetite.

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Cinnamon Tea

What makes cinnamon tea superb at flattening your belly is the fact that it helps in regulating the levels of sugar in your blood. You see, you end up feeling very hungry when sugar in the bloodstream spikes. By keeping that from happening, you will find it easier to stay away from having seconds and snacks, thus resulting in a nicer midsection.

Fennel Tea

Because of its laxative properties, fennel tea can help in keeping your tummy from bulging. Actually, a cup of fennel tea is a wonderful traditional remedy for constipation. If you feel like your protruding tummy is caused by accumulated waste products and toxins in the gut, then consuming fennel tea can help solve the problem.

Dandelion Tea

Another excellent laxative herbal tea is one out of dandelion leaves and flowers. Taking a cup of it allows your GI tract to flush out lingering by-products of digestion that can leave your stomach area looking bigger than usual. As a bonus, dandelion tea can also help in detoxifying the liver as well as strengthening the immune system.

Cardamom Tea

If it’s excess water in the body that’s preventing you from having the midsection of your dreams, then consider drinking a cup of cardamom tea. That’s because this herbal beverage has mild diuretic properties, which means that it can help increase urine production, making a bloated tummy go away.

Parsley Tea

Other than cardamom tea, you may also rely on parsley tea if bloating is the reason why your stomach area is looking so unflattering. By drinking it, your kidneys will remove excess water in your body. Aside from drinking parsley tea, you may also simply include more parsley leaves and stalks in your everyday diet.

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