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Tips on How to Treat Chafed Skin Naturally

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Chafed skin usually occurs in the inner thighs or areas of the body where moist skin rubs against one another causing friction burns, bumps, rashes, and in the more severe cases, bleeding. Also referred to as chub rub, chafing in the inner thighs is often prevalent to those who are carrying more weight. But this doesn’t mean that others will be exempted from this skin problem. Those who are prone to chafed skin are most likely wearing clothing or applying creams to prevent chafing from occurring but if you are looking for more efficient ways to keep chafed skin at bay, you might want to take these tips into consideration.

  1. Clean it first. When the skin breaks due to chafing, it is important that you clean it first as soon as possible to avoid further infection. Use gentle soaps when cleaning the affected area as those with fragrance or scented ones can cause further irritation on the skin.
  2. Use tea tree oil. This essential oil is known for its antiseptic properties and is often used to treat nail and skin problems. Aside from its ability to kill of the bacteria present in the affected area, the oil can also promote healing. This is one of the reasons why tea tree oil is a good choice when it comes to treating chafed skin. All that you have to do is to dip a cotton ball in water then add a few drops of tea tree oil in it before applying on the damaged skin. Repeat this as many times as possible until the chafed skin heals.
  3. Disinfect the wound. Another tip to take into consideration is to make sure that you disinfect the wound immediately after cleaning. You can use ointments to get rid of the bacteria that may linger in and around the wound so you will be able to promote healing as soon as possible.
  4. Apply aloe vera. Treating chafed skin naturally is possible especially when you have some aloe vera on hand. The meat of the leaves of the plant contains several vitamins and minerals that not only soothe skin but can also boost skin repair. You can make a spray out of freshly brewed green tea, one fourth cup of aloe juice, and eight drops of lavender essential oil. Shake the mixture well before spraying on the affected area. Another possible treatment that you can do is to apply the juice or gel from the plant directly to the wound so you can get relief from the symptoms of chafed skin.
  5. Keep the area dry. If you want to prevent your skin from breaking out because of chafing or are already in the process of treating it, it’s important that you keep your skin dry. Wear breathable clothing and undergarments when sleeping. After you exercise, make sure that you let the area air out first to remove excess moisture and to minimize chafing.
  6. Treat it with ayurvedic remedies. Aside from aloe vera, chafed skin can be treated using herbs. One particular herb that will work well in treating chafed skin is turmeric. You just need to add a teaspoon of water to three teaspoons of turmeric powder, mix until you create a paste. Apply the paste on the affected area then cover it with a light and clean cloth. Let the mixture stay on your skin for 30 minutes before rinsing.
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Walking with chafed skin can be a burden especially since the fabric of your outfit can aggravate your skin’s condition even further. But with the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to minimize the pain while healing the wound in no time.

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