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Tips to Choosing the Best Shampoo for You

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Shampoo is an essential part in one’s hair care routine but with the number of hair products sold, it’s no wonder many are confused as to which shampoo is actually good for their locks. Many have switched shampoos from time to time and although there are those who found the right one for their hair care, some end up with dull, and dry hair and scalp. What is the secret to finding the best shampoo for you then?

Hair care experts have weighed in on this matter and have come up with some helpful tips that you can apply the next time you’re looking for a shampoo for your hair.

  1. Read the label. When buying shampoo, it is important that you read the label first so you will know what ingredients are used especially when you have sensitive skin or are allergic to certain types of ingredients. There are those whose scalp becomes irritated and inflamed because of the contents of the shampoo so you might want to keep an eye on what goes in the shampoo you plan on buying.
  2. Consider your scalp’s health. Another tip to consider when buying shampoo is to take note of your scalp’s condition. Ask yourself if it is oily, neutral, or dry. This is necessary so you will know what kind of shampoo to purchase so as not to aggravate the current condition of your scalp. If your skin is oily, look for shampoos that are designed for this kind of condition. Also, make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly as any shampoo residue can cause scalp irritation.
  3. Remember whether you have dyed your hair. For those who have dyed their hair, regular shampoo can strip your hair of its new color. If you want to prolong it, it’s important that you choose a shampoo that is specifically made for dyed hair. A good choice would be those that are protein based as they can help strengthen and heal hair strands to make them more luxurious to the touch.
  4. Check the pH levels. The pH level of your scalp is quite different from that of your hair which means that using a shampoo with low pH level can make your hair brittle and prone to breaking. Look for a brand that indicates its pH level or if not, test a few brands until you find one that makes your hair shiny and strong.
  5. Follow the recommendations. There are certain types of shampoos that have instructions listed on the back of the product. If you see one that says rinse with cold water, you will need to follow it as this step can help release the rest of the ingredients to beautify your hair. However, you need to take note that washing your hair with cold water isn’t really effective in getting rid of shampoo residue. Using hot water, on the other hand, can strip your hair and scalp of natural oils which can do more damage. It’s important that you find the right balance when it comes to the water that you’re going to use to rinse your hair.
  6. Think of your preferences. Another tip to take into consideration when shopping for shampoo is to think about your needs. Are you the type who uses a blow dryer daily or are you a no fuss kind of girl who just runs their hands through their hair before heading out? These habits of yours can also give you an idea on what kind of hair you have and the kind of shampoo that you will need as well.
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