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The Answers to All Your Questions About Airbrush Makeup

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Airbrush makeup is not common to the general public. It is mostly available to makeup professionals and hardcore makeup lovers. Leaving most of us unaware of this somewhat new technology in makeup. Airbrush makeup is applied using a machine and gun like applicator. This machine can give you a flawless finish without even touching your skin. This machine can even apply on blush, eyeshadow and contour on the skin. For some people airbrush makeup can be used for creating body art and high fashion looks. Watching people use airbrush makeup seems pretty easy, but is an incredibly difficult technique that will require a steady and precise hand. To help you understand this beautiful innovation. We’ve compiled some of the FAQ about airbrush makeup and the best possible answers

What is Airbrush?

Airbrush makeup is typically created with the help of an air gun machine that allows you to insert liquid makeup into its chamber. This machine uses very little amounts of makeup giving you light, but full coverage makeup. When the machine is turned, the gun is automatically activated. Once the trigger is pressed a very light and mist like spray comes out of the nozzle. With the right stroke of hand, the result will give you a matt and even finish. However, using the gun too close or too long in one area can make the makeup appear patchy.

The Pros of Airbrush Makeup

The best thing about airbrush makeup is the result. It creates such a fine yet even out result that it appears like a 2nd skin. It looks incredibly natural and perfect for special occasions. Traditional way of makeup can appear too fake or heavy on camera and is more prone to caking after a few hours. Airbrush makeup is also better for large area application. This can be used for photo shoots where you are required to have coverage in the face, arm, legs or any part of the body. Airbrush makeup was specifically made for high definition cameras. Airbrush is close to invisible to high definition makeup. However, traditional makeup can still work on these types of camera is blended properly. Airbrush makeup is more hygienic for most users. Skin infections from hands and makeup brushes can be avoided. The misting application of the makeup also reduces tugging and rubbing on the skin that can make you prone to clogged pores. Airbrush makeup works wonders for scars, tattoos and blemishes.

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The Cons of Airbrush Makeup

When there are a lot of pros to airbrush makeup there are also a lot of cons. One of the difficulties of airbrush makeup is touch ups and correcting errors. It is a lot harder blend out using the machine. Another important cons of these is the price. The machine and the makeup can be pricey, making it inaccessible to the general public. The makeup artist will ask you to shell out more dough if you really want to get an airbrush makeup. You can apply lip and eye makeup with airbrush, but it can be difficult since these areas are small. Most makeup artist prefers to do these sections the traditional way. Airbrush makeup also requires professional hands. It is difficult to get that perfect finish when it’s your first time using this machine. It will require training and a lot of practice to master.

The Makeup

Most machines come with little bottles of makeup with them. It can range from light to dark foundation. Some come with blush colors or eye shadow. These bottles can be a bit pricey. Like your regular foundation, it will require a bit of mixing to get the perfect shade.

Cleaning The Device

It is important to clean your machine every after use since the makeup dries easily. This can cause your gun to clog or give you an uneven spray. You have to dismantle the gun to thoroughly clean it. You also have to make sure that it is completely dry before putting it back together.

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Is it Waterproof?

No, airbrush makeup itself is not waterproof. It can last a lot longer than regular makeup, but can still be washed away with water. It is really good for humid weather and can be used with a setting spray.

Airbrush makeup is often used for wedding since it creates that impeccable finish without being too heavy. This technique requires knowledge and training to get right. One wrong stroke of the hand can affect the overall look. When planning to pursue airbrush makeup – get the basic training and practice! This is a worthy investment if you want to pursue professional makeup. Research on the machine you are planning to buy. There are some machines that are more applicable for body art and some for high definition makeup.

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