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How To Fake Cleavage Using Makeup

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Do you know that there’s a painless and quick way to have bigger looking breasts? Yes, a push-up bra can help a lot, but you can give your breasts a lift using make-up.

Yes you heard right! Let’s find out how you can have bigger looking breasts using make-up.

1. Contour

Apply contouring bronzer or powder, that is one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone, down the area between your breasts. Blend the color outward and upward, creating a V-shape and along the natural curve of the breast. This will help create an illusion of depth.

2. Highlight

Use a lighter color of eye shadow or face powder, like light, white or gold and apply on the top half of your breasts. Remember not to use too much and avoid powders that are too shimmery. Blend well using a makeup sponge.

3. Set it

Check in the mirror to see if your breasts look big enough. If not, you can add more dark color in the center, to help deepen and build the color. When in doubt, go with less makeup enhancement rather than more.

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