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Tricks for Thicker Hair

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Having fine hair can be a blessing and a curse. Your hair is easier to manage and easier to style in. Your arm won’t feel tired after curling or ironing them. However, when it comes to creating fun and volume up hairdos, your hair is one of the hardest to manage. Even if you try to find some miraculous cure to making hair thick, there really isn’t one. There has been no known product to instantly thicken the hair through the roots. Don’t worry though, with a full arsenal of tricks, techniques and products, you’ll have thicker hair.

You can always purchase extensions to make your hair thicker, but real human hair extensions can be expensive. Putting on extensions everyday can also be tiring and for the unexperienced hair enthusiast, it can be hard. There are numerous ways to make the hair thicker without fancy extensions.

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We’ve compiled some of the best and quickest ways to thicken hair.

Take Your Vitamins

You may not make your hair naturally thicker with vitamins, but sometimes vitamins and mineral deficiency can cause thin hair. When you take the needed supplements to fix your deficiency your hair will be able to go back to its natural thickness. To get an accurate prescription for your vitamins, get a blood test and take the result to your doctor and ask them about which vitamins will help you. This tip is especially applicable to people with anemia. People who suffer from iron deficiency are more prone to thinning hair.

Trim Your Ends

To keep your hair healthy and thick, it is necessary to trim it every two to three months. Keeping your hair long won’t necessarily make it appear thicker. The ends of your hair that are prone to damage often appear thinner. This is sometimes caused by split ends. When left untreated, split ends tend to expand to the rest of the hair shaft or cause breakage. Breakage will also cause the hair to become thinner. Occasionally chopping at least half an inch of your hair will promote hair growth and maintenance.

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No Heat and Minimal Indirect Heat

It’s really hard to style your hair without using direct heat, but this is the price you pay to get thicker hair. Direct heat, such as curling, flat ironing and blow drying can damage the hair. This will make you lose more volume in your hair. Especially for women with natural hair. Since natural hair is more prone to dryness, it is also more prone to breakage. An alternative to your heating tools is to use rollers for curls, using a diffuser for your blow dry and using the dry wrap method.

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Conditioning with Penetrating Oil

To keep hair in top condition, you need to perform deep conditioning treatments every month. Conditioning your hair everyday with penetrating oil will lock in the moisture in the hair all day long. This will strengthen the hair and prevent dryness. You can create your own penetrating oil spray by mixing rose water with natural oils such as olive oil and coconut oil.

Leave It Alone

The average hair growth is half an inch a month. Manipulating your hair everyday can hinder this growth. Pulling, tugging, teasing and more can put stress on our scalp and lessen circulation. This can also cause breakage. Keep your hair natural and maintained most of the time. Don’t tie it in tight hair styles and perform minimal styling.

Get Highlight and Lowlight

Adding more dimension to your hair using color will make the hair look thicker. The darker and lighter strands of hair will create depth in the hair.

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Keep It Short

Having blunted and short hairstyles can make the hair appear thicker. Keeping it short will make the hair appear lighter and bouncy. When you have fine hair avoid long layered haircuts.

One of the important things to remember when trying to achieve thick hair is to lay off on chemical treatments in the hair. As we perform chemical procedures such as perming and straightening the hair strands lose pigment and moisture. The less pigment and moisture the thinner the hair becomes. When going to the salon opt for deep moisturizing procedures and avoid bleaching your hair.

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