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Can Too Much Showering be Bad for You?

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If you haven’t showered this morning, then you’re in for some pretty incredible news:  you are probably showering too much!

Yes, you’ve read that right. Bet you did not know that over-showering is really a thing since “the cleaner, the better” is pretty much the mantra that was lived by almost everyone as they grow up. Come to think of it, showering is an entire process all in itself, and after a busy day at work, isn’t it equally tiring to do something you don’t like versus just lying in bed which proves to be more refreshing, especially after a very long day? But no, the norm is for people to take a shower even after a busy day, thanks to the stigma attached to cleanliness that everyone has grown so familiar of.

So you want to shower less frequently? Sure, and it comes with great benefits to boot too!

  1. Non-showering makes your hair greasy, and oily hair is good for your scalp.

What? That’s right! The less products and styling tools you allow to touch your hair, the better it is for you.  It will minimize damage which will result to stronger hair strands. Also, keep in mind that frequent shampooing of your hair strips it of natural oils that are needed to protect its shafts by keeping it moisturized and healthy.

  1. The less you shower, the longer your hair color will last.

Minerals found in water can dull the color of hair and also reduce luster and shine. Ergo, skipping a few hair washings can aid in keeping your hair color intact a lot longer.

  1. You have been washing your hair the wrong way for a long time.
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Okay here’s the real deal—when you shampoo your hair, it’s important not to get the product into your hair ends.  Why? Because when you put shampoo in your scalp, it will rinse downward anyway which removes the need for you to scrub the ends. Note that  vigorously rubbing the tips of your hair can also lead to breakage.

When you use a conditioner, do the opposite! Get a dollop of the product in your hand and put it the ends of the hair, not the roots.  The scalp can get oily faster and the conditioner in the roots may contribute to weighing your hair down.

  1. Too much showering can dry up your skin.

The point of showering is to cleanse your skin, but if you’re overdoing it, it may be quite detrimental too. The soap and water can strip your skin of natural moisturizers which can leave it really dry and flaky.  Constant scrubbing of the skin also breaks its topmost layer and frequent showers give it lesser time to heal itself via natural oil production.

  1. Believe it or not, you can survive by just bathing only once or twice a week.

This may sound a bit off for some, but to others, this can be quite comforting.  A beauty trend called “ cleansing reduction” is in full support of this idea as doing so is said to promote the maintenance of good bacterial flora that helps fight off diseases.

  1. Use dry shampoos—they are there for a reason.

Why would products like this exist if you’re supposed to be shampooing and washing your hair every day?  You and Kim Kardashian may not agree on a lot of things, but one thing you can never deny is that the girl’s got great hair. Her secret? Washing her tresses only twice in a given week.

  1. It can be a huge waste of resources.
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Can you imagine the slew of things you could be doing instead of showering for almost an hour? Not only will less showering help in lessening your water bill, it can also help you catch up with your favorite book, give you a few more minutes for some needed power naps, you can finally have time for grocery shopping, do the laundry and more!

So stop showering for the sake of thinking that you need to take one. Instead, just take one if you indeed need one.

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