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4 Beauty Must Haves to Get that Glowing Skin at Any Age

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Following the tips below will ultimately lead to a huge payoff:  you looking radiant with smooth and younger looking skin!

  1. pH matters.

You may not have gotten into thinking about this since you graduated from your high school chemistry class, but really, pH proves to be a big deal when it comes to maintaining a clear complexion.  This said, it best to understand that the skin acts as the body’s outermost protective layer. It keeps moisture in and germs and other invaders at bay. Being at an optimal pH level ensures that this protective layer does its job well. The beauty routine you subject your skin into can make or break its pH levels. Soap-based cleansers, soaps, and harsh anti-acne treatments may cause your skin’s pH to go in disarray. And when this unfortunate thing happens, you face skin will turn dry, prone to pimples, more sensitive and a lot easier to get inflamed –all of which can hasten the skin’s aging process. To get back in track, switch to cleansing products that are mild and sulfate-free.  Also skip products that have the following as ingredients: sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, or sodium laureth sulfate.  Always make sure that you use products that are pH balancing or pH optimized.

  1. Use topical probiotics.
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It’s no secret that probiotics can be good for the digestive tract, however, not a lot of people know that it can also do a lot of wonders for your skin. Consuming probiotics can aid with your body’s inflammatory reactions not only in your stomach but also in your skin.  Initial research shows that probiotics can help treat certain skin conditions like rosacea and acne. If ingesting probiotics is a no go you cans still reap some its benefits by applying them topically. Creams containing probiotics may trigger the production of healthy fats in the epidermis which can help retain moisture. They can also help repair the skin’s outer layer and kill harmful bacteria in the process.

  1. Pollution defense.
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Unless you live under a huge rock, your skin will most likely battle a lot of harmful elements on an everyday basis.  Different pollutants in the air can penetrate the skin barrier and can lead to breakdown of cells and inflammation resulting to skin spots and wrinkles. How to combat this? Experts agree on a simple solution that does not require relocating to the Amazon or anywhere remote.  First, always wash your face prior to retiring to bed.  Dirt and grime can clog your pores leading to breakouts if not removed accordingly. Second, apply moisturizers or any antioxidant serum in the morning. These products may help in taking care of the free radicals in your body that can be the precursors to premature skin aging. For that extra boost, score a pore-cleansing mask and make it a weekly habit.

  1. Infrared A-rays
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If ever you’ll seek a dermatologist’s advice for your skin aging problems they’d most probably say to slather yourself with SPF products everyday to prevent the appearances of spots, wrinkles and to halt the development of any skin cancers.  But now, dermatologists are saying that there is another part of the electromagnetic spectrum which can be worrisome for the skin too! Enter the Infrared-A rays (IRA) which can be found at the end of the spectrum. They are said to be long and   can reach much deeper into any human’s skin. A lot of broad-spectrum beauty products include ingredients that work well against UV rays but not all has ingredients to combat IRAs yet. So given the chance, choose beauty products that can protect you from both harmful rays.

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