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Nature’s Antibiotics- They Exist!

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With the current state of climate change, the seasons of the year are seen to be reaching extreme levels. With winter reaching all-time lows, naturally speaking families are worried about viruses such as the common flu or colds. To avoid unnecessary illnesses there is a need for the immune system to be operating at its full potential. This should include botanicals that fight bacterial infections using safe antibiotic actions.

How to keep your immune system in check

– Diet: the things we put into our body play a huge role on how our body responds to incoming threats. Alimentation rich in substances like antioxidants vitamins and minerals are vital with boosting the immune system. Fruits and vegetables should be part of the everyday diet to help combat bacteria.

– Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamins are generally known to help keep the body strong and away from illness. Specifically, Vitamins A to D are known to help significantly boost the immune system. These vitamins provide protective antioxidants that benefit the immune system and the entire body. A critical nutrient to boosting the immune system is zinc. Studies have shown that people who lack Zinc are very prone to cases of infection and its likes.

– Antibiotic botanicals: Another very effective way to stay healthy and keep your immune system in check is consuming food that contains natural antibiotics. Some examples of these are; cinnamon, honey & sage. Consuming this category of food will help with fighting common colds and minor diseases of its likes.

– Maintaining stress: Stress can often be overlooked as something minor, however this shouldn’t be the case. Researchers have proved that stress can cause quite a lot of damage to the health both mentally and physically. When the body is put under a significant amount of stress, it ceases to function like it should be, hence reducing the immune system. The less stress you are the easier it is for your body to fight incoming bacteria.

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– Sleep- When you do not sleep properly, the body does not function properly. From your motor skills to your organs. Sleep deprivation can significantly depreciate your immune system. Medical researchers have proved that common colds and minor illnesses are usually caused due to lack of sleep.

– Water – Just like a car needs its fuel, the body also needs its energy. This is generated from food and also water. Water does not just hydrate the body it also cleanses the body by flushing toxins from the body, which allows your cells to get all the oxygen they need to function properly. Water also plays a major role in the production of lymph. Lymph is what carries water and nutrients through the blood to the cells of the body.

– Probiotics – the general definition of bacteria makes one convinced that they are definitely bad for you. However, there is some group of bacteria’s that are actually good and beneficial for the health. These are usually found in the gut and are responsible for proper digestion but they also play a significant role in building your immune system.

– Sunlight – Getting sunlight should not be disregarded as it is very rich in vitamin D.

The benefits of a strengthened immune system

Our immune system is a very important line of defense against diseases and illnesses. With a heighted immune system, we can avoid common illnesses such as colds and its likes. Keeping our immune system strong is something that we should practice. Not only does it save us money, it also makes you feel a whole lot better while conducting your everyday activities. When you have a poor immune system you tend to end up in the hospital or come down minor issues like colds that would then lead you to the hospital. An un-maintained immune system is usually the cause of major illnesses, sometimes a common cold can escalate into something severe due to the lack of proper nutrients in the body. Most of the variables for a great immune system are found in nature and can simply be done without having to spend a penny.

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Keeping healthy, maintaining good hygiene and staying away from stress. This is another way we can stay healthy and keep our immune system healthy. There are other non-traditional ways of boosting the immune system also, studies have shown that “making love” significantly boosts the immune system due to the stress relieving factor amongst other benefits. Laughing is also good for you, this is an untraditional way of boosting your immune system and a very good one too. It curves the stress levels in the body and helps in the production of the white blood cells that fight infection.

So eat healthy, exercise daily and laugh, because the littlest things can make you live a lot longer.

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