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10 Fast & Easy Weight Loss Tips You Can Try That Really Work!

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Women wants to be slim but there’s always the question, ‘HOW’ to do it. Here are some compilation on how to deal with losing weight in a simple but faster weight lost.

1. Putting away the food scale

It’s about cutting out every portion we eat. If we already had pasta we should not eat bread since they are both carbohydrates. It is lessening the dish which has both same food nutrients.

2. Before and after pictures

This motivates us to pursue the shape we want or the weight that we want to achieve. Also this will help you to hate what you look before, serving as a great motivation for you whenever you’re starting to give up on dieting.

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3. Monitor your liquid calories

Reduce the intake of high calorie juices, lemonades and of course wine.

4. Wear to fit

They say wearing it motivates you, so it helps if you wear something fit or tight. This will provide another good motive for you to lose more weight.

5. Stash fruit

Consuming more fruits helps us to avoid craving for more carbohydrate based foods. When we cut on carbohydrates, it prevents us from gaining more sugar than our body needed. So when you crave for food, just stash a carrot stick or maybe an apple instead.

6. Chocolate shake

In losing weight, we also need some energy. We can bring our own chocolate protein shake, it’s a great alternative for eating high calorie foods.

7. Know your limit, yet eat some

Know your limit by having a prepared container of food that you should only eat. This will discourage you from eating more, you can use a 4×4 container box. When you want to eat you can put the food in that particular container so you’ll know exactly how much you ate or if you exceed your food intake for that particular meal.

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8. Make healthy drinks

Prepare a cucumber mix with water in a pitcher. This is a healthy drink and a healthy treat for you while losing weight.

9. Set aside leftovers

When eating, make it a habit to eat properly, then immediately pack in a container the leftovers and store in a fridge. This helps you to stop munching more food than you need.

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10. Flossing

Have the habit of brushing your teeth after every meal especially at night, so you won’t eat again before going to bed.

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