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Taking Care of Platinum Blonde Hair

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Going platinum blonde is a huge step to take for any hair makeover because you will have to undergo several bleaching sessions especially when your normal hair color is darker. However, if your hair stylist does it right, platinum blonde can give off that classy and sophisticated look that you’ve always wanted. The question now, however, is how will you be able to take care of your platinum blonde hair?

For those who have switched to this extreme hair color, here are a few tips on how you can maintain it properly.

Purple shampoos will be your new friend

Maintaining your platinum blonde hair often starts in your bathroom, specifically when taking a shower. Using regular shampoos is not advisable since they can alter the color of your platinum blonde hair. However, bright purple shampoos are highly recommended since they can leave a tinge of violet in your hair that can cross out any brassy or yellow tones on your hair.

Use glossing treatment

If your hair has grown already since your last treatment, using a glossing treatment may help you maintain your platinum blonde hair. Start with the ends of your hair since they will take a longer time to get any color compared to the hair that is already growing on your scalp. Leave it on for 2 minutes or longer depending on what effect you are aiming for.

Skip products containing sulfate

For those who have platinum blonde hair, it is important that you skip hair products that have sulfate in them as this ingredient can damage your hair color. Regular shampoos contain sulfate which is normal unless you have color treated hair. The problem with this ingredient is that it can transform your white-blonde to yellowish hair which is something you should avoid. As always, check the hair products that you are going to buy to avoid this mistake.

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Apply nourishing oil

You can already imagine how much damage your hair has received because of your new hair color, so instead of letting it become brittle and dry, applying nourishing oil is highly recommended. Start at the ends of your hair where most of the damage can be seen. Another thing that you will love about nourishing oils is that they protect your hair strands from further damage from the sun, the styling tools that you are using and so on.

Hydrate your hair

What else can you do to protect your platinum blonde hair? Well, treating it to protein hair masks is highly recommended to help repair the damage that your hair is suffering from. Protein is needed to repair the dryness and brittleness to your hair so that you will be able to have soft and smooth hair after. This treatment should be done at least once a week.

Choose color safe shampoos and conditioners

Aside from sticking with purple colored shampoos and conditioners, make sure that the label of the product indicates that it is a color safe hair product. The problem with coloring your hair platinum blonde is that you will have to be careful with the hair products that you are using to avoid damaging the hair dye. With that being said, you need to choose shampoos and the like that are specially formulated for colored hair to preserve its beauty.

Switching to platinum blonde sure is a confidence builder especially when it is done right, and although it has taken you several sessions to achieve it, it will make you stand out from the crowd. This is why, if you wish to prolong its look, you should consider the tips mentioned above to maintain your hair’s good looks.

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