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6 Ways to Lose Weight When You’re in Your 60s

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For most people, life becomes better as they age because they are now more confident in their own skin as well as gain insight o what works best for them and what doesn’t. Now if weight loss is the same as you age then people won’t have a hard time shedding those extra pounds they’re gaining over the years. However, those aching muscles and joints can hinder your workout sessions which can be detrimental to your fitness goals.

However, health experts all agree that you need to be more focused on your overall health now that you’re getting older. After all, your mobility, sense of balance, and other body functions can be compromised because you are not getting any younger. Fortunately, there are ways that you can do to keep your weight down even when you’re already in your 60s.

  1. Pay attention to fat loss instead of losing weight. If you’re used to checking your weight in your scale, it’s high time for you to stop doing it. Since you’re already in your 60s, you mustn’t lose bone mass, muscle, or even organ tissue hence it is completely pointless to check the scales. What’s better is to monitor your fat loss instead. As a rule, your waist size shouldn’t be more than half of what your height is. So check your waist size and see how to go on about losing those excess fats in the middle.
  2. Integrate strength training to your daily routine. Your muscle mass tends to reduce as you age and when this happens, your metabolism actually slows down. This is one of the reasons why you’ll notice that you’re actually gaining weight instead of losing weight when you’re older. The good news is that there is way to rectify this and that is by adding weight training to your routine. Building muscles can actually help improve your metabolism while tightening loose muscles at the same time.
  3. Start stretching. It’s important that you do stretching exercises to help improve your flexibility. When you get on in years, you will notice that your mobility becomes limited. However, when you stretch your muscles out, you’re not only improving your flexibility but you’re also reducing your risk of getting injured as you exercise.
  4. Get protein. Now is the time for you to load up on lean protein as it helps you build more muscles for better metabolism. Health experts recommend that you go for 30 grams of lean protein per meal or more if you are craving for foods that are rich in carbohydrates.
  5. Check your attitude. If you’re thinking along the lines that everyone in your age is overweight or you’re too old for working out, you need to change how you view things because this way of thinking isn’t really healthy. It would be better if you look for other people who prefer to stay fit even when they’re in their 60s so you will gain support as well.
  6. Stay patient. Don’t despair that you’re not losing as much weight as you want to. Keep in mind that weight loss isn’t a race. You should go at your own pace so you won’t overdo it. As long as you keep working out and eating the right kinds of food, you will see a vast difference in your overall health in no time.
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