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The Top Ten Beauty Secrets Every Woman Must Know

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Most of the popular articles online are about life hacks. They show easy and efficient ways to solve a problem that’s why everybody loves them. Sometimes when you see them it makes you wonder: “why didn’t I think of that before?”

Most of us have five days of work that’s packed with things to do- it’s almost impossible to take a break. We’re always on the go that’s why it’s so frustrating when we encounter problems that are supposed to be easy to fix but for some reason we’re stuck there, trying to solve it. It wastes time, energy, and resources.

Since we’re talking about beauty, let’s zero in on something that a lot of women can definitely relate to: makeup. Women are required to wear makeup to appear presentable at work but then not all women know how to apply makeup. Can you believe it requires skilled hands to make you look beautiful? The application of all these products is an art form and it requires creativity, time, and precision. The process should not be rushed if you don’t want to go out of your house looking like a clown.

Makeup can look you fat or thin, young or old, and it can emphasize parts of your face that need to be emphasized – eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, and cheekbones. The entire process requires carefully executed steps that lead up to a beautiful and radiant output. One wrong step can damage the entire look, and may force someone to remove the makeup, wash their face, and go back to square one.

These mistakes are extremely annoying and inconvenient especially if you are running late for a birthday party, a meeting, or a romantic dinner. Not to mention, it wastes a lot of time and makeup. People who know makeup like the back of their hands know that these things don’t come easy on the pocket.

Many women know that speeding up the process of makeup application will only end up in Miss Piggy eyelashes, smudged eyeliner, and a final look that’s not very appealing.

Since life hacks are a thing for the MacGyver at heart, we came up with the top ten beauty hacks for all the ladies. Hopefully, these tips will help you ditch such dreaded situations.

1. Smudge It On The Business Card

You want to direct attention to your eyes? Make your eyelashes voluminous, thick, and stunning. But that is never easy. Sometimes, when you try to put on mascara over your top lashes, you end up with mascara all over your eyelids. When this happens, you have to remove everything that you applied on your eyes and start all over again.

Having to do it all over again can be very frustrating so here’s something to put an end to your makeup woes: business cards!

Check out this beauty hack:

1. Get a business card and carefully place it below your eyelid, where the eyelashes begin.

2. Pull your lashes up using the edge of the business card. This makes the tip of your eyelashes perk up and level with the surface of the card, blocking the mascara’s wand so it doesn’t touch your eyelids. Be careful, you might poke your eyes by accident!

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3. You can also use this technique on your bottom lashes. Pull your eyelid down with the edge of the business card and generously apply mascara without fear!

2. Use a Toothbrush for Kissable Lips

It’s quite difficult to speak especially during the winter season because of dry, chapped and flaky lips. Almost all women suffer from rough, moisture-craving lips that can’t seem to be solved by lip smacking or frequent applications of lip balm. What makes this situation even worse is when you’re rushing to prepare a social event that you’ll be hosting or a business meeting where you’ll be presenting and you just can’t get that darn lipstick right. Putting lipstick on cracked lips only emphasizes the cracks and irritates the skin. Matte lipsticks make it look weird while glossy lipsticks can conceal the cracks under its shine.

Check out this beauty hack:

1.Get a toothbrush and dampen it with water.

2. Use your finger to gently dab some virgin coconut oil on your lips.

3. Use the toothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips for two to three minutes.

4. Remove the oil by rinsing your lips with warm water.

5. Seal in the moisture by applying lip balm.

6. Apply lipstick.

3. Want Your Eyes to Appear Brighter? Use White Eyeliner!

There are days when you just want to take a break from the typical office makeup and experiment with brighter, more upbeat colors of eyeshadow. This allows your personality to shine and this creates a distinction between your office look, and your going-on-a-date look. But then you take a look at your eyeshadow palette and it looks uninspiring. This might force you to choose either a weird shade of blue, an ugly shade of green, or worse: metallic (during the day? No way!)

New eyeshadow palettes can be pretty expensive so here’s a tip on how you can brighten your eyes without spending a penny.

Check out this beauty hack:

1. First, apply white eyeliner and make sure it covers your entire eyelid.

2. Apply your preferred eyeshadow color on top of the white eyeliner. Notice the difference? Yes? You’re welcome.

4. Fix the Grease with Baby Powder

Have you ever had those nights where you partied hard, only to wake up to the sound of your alarm the next day, meaning that you have to leave for work, immediately? This leaves no time to shower, shampoo, and blow dry. While there’s dry shampoo available on the market to remove the grease from your hair, some people find that this product only leaves their scalp dry and irritated.

We discovered a remedy for greasy hair that’s affordable and easy to make.

Check out this beauty hack:

1. Before anything else, place a towel on your shoulders to keep the powder from getting on your clothes.

2. Put baby powder on your palms and sprinkle it on the top of your head.

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3. Gently rub the powder onto your scalp using your fingers.

4.Keep repeating this process until it covers all of the greasy areas on your scalp.

5. Get Your Lipstick to Last Longer with Translucent Powder

The common struggle many women face when wearing lipstick: how to make it last long. It’s almost impossible. It disappears the moment you take a sip of your morning coffee, or after biting into a slice of cake during a meeting. We discovered a trick that will give you long-lasting lipstick that can save you from multiple trips to the ladies’ room for a retouch.

Check out this beauty hack:

1. Choose a lip liner that has a similar shade as your lipstick and apply it all over your lips. Apply the lipstick after.

2. Place a tissue over your lips. If it’s not available, you can use blotting paper.

3. Using a makeup brush dab some translucent powder over the tissue and onto your lips. You get a matted finish on your lips and a lipstick that stays longer! Ta-da!

6. A Blow Dryer Can Give Your Eyelashes that Lasting Curl

Curled eyelashes look amazing and they give emphasis to your eyes which are known as the windows to your soul. Add the right makeup and you can have anybody’s attention right away. Unfortunately, curled lashes don’t last long. Sometimes, before the event begins to kick off or even before you arrive at the event, you’re back to having a limp set of lashes. Here’s a trick that you can use to make those curls last longer and no, we’re not talking about falsies.

Check out this beauty hack:

1. Use a blow dryer to warm up your eyelash curler for five to eight seconds. Make sure you don’t overheat the curler. Keep the blow dryer at a safe distance when heating.

2. Curl your eyelashes. It follows the logic of a hair straightening iron. Just as the heat from the iron keeps your hair straight for hours, the heat coming from the eyelash curler will make the curl on your eyelashes last longer.

7. Use a Saline Solution to Restore Dry Mascara

You’re getting ready for a date and just as you were about to put mascara on, you notice that it has gone flaky and dry. Nope, can’t use that. You can’t leave the house without a mascara either; you need it to complete the look. What’s a girl to do?

Check out this beauty hack:

1.Get a bottle of saline solution or contact lens liquid.

2.Add a few drops of the solution to your mascara bottle.

3. Gently shake it and then apply the mascara on your eyelashes. Another way to solve this problem is by putting the mascara bottle in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. The warm water will loosen the liquid in the mascara bottle, making it easy to apply.

8. Spoon: The Key to the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

If the fork or the “dingle hopper” can help you achieve Ariel’s long, beautiful, red hair, then you can use the spoon to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner. You probably went through a lot of trial-and-error sessions because you want to make it work but unfortunately, the cosmos have decided against helping you achieve the look. A winged eyeliner can give you that edgy look while emphasizing your eyes.

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Check out this beauty hack:

1. Align the handle with your lower lashes. Make sure that the front of the spoon is facing toward your face.

2. Adjust the handle depending on how steep you want your eyeliner to wing.

3. Slowly draw a line using a black liner. Follow the handle from the utmost corner of your eye. Make the wing as along and as steep as you want.

4. Adjust the handle again by putting it along the tip of the line you just drew and covering two-thirds of your eyelids. This helps you form a small triangle. Draw a line along the handle.

5. Use the liquid eyeliner to fill in the triangle for the perfect wing.

9. Green Tea Bags Can Help Reduce Eye Puffiness

Some days you wake up and notice that you look like somebody punched you in the eye. Whether you’ve been up all night crying because you found out that your boyfriend cheated on you or avoided sleep so you can submit the report on time, going out of the house with puffy eyes is a big no. Good thing we have a trick that can help reduce puffiness from your eyes in an instant.

Check out this beauty hack:

1. Make it a habit to start your day by drinking green tea. Don’t throw out the tea bags! Instead, rinse them and put them in the refrigerator for ten minutes or until they are cold.

2. Put them over your eyes (don’t forget to close your eyes before putting!)

3. Leave the tea bags for five to ten minutes.

10. The Chap Stick’s Secret: It Can Make Your Perfume Last for Hours!

You can create your own brand by choosing a good perfume scent. Anyone who takes a whiff of a certain scent will immediately know it’s you, for as long as you don’t have any body odor or problem. You wouldn’t want people to remember you because you stink, right? No matter how many hours it took you to find that perfect dress and no matter how expensive your makeup is, all of that effort will go down the drain if you smell awful. Sure there’s deodorant to conceal body odor but you need a strong scent to do the trick.

Check out this beauty hack:

1. Get a chap stick and roll it on the crucial areas of your body: your wrists, sides of your neck, underneath your elbows and the backs of your knees.

2. When you’re done, spray perfume over those areas. Your perfume will hold on to the chapstick, which acts as a base. This will allow you to smell great for hours.

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