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The Top 6 Herbs for Proven Diabetes Management

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Adult-onset diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 is commonplace not only in the United States but also throughout the entire globe. Its incidence rate is growing at a rapid rate due to factors such as inactivity, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, and stress. Individuals diagnosed with diabetes are generally prescribed anti-diabetic medications in order for them to cope as well as survive the chronic condition.

Instead of using prescription medication, you may also find it interesting to know that there are also herbal plants that function as remedies to effectively control and manage the disease.

Here are some Indian herbal remedies that are proven to properly manage diabetes mellitus type 2:

1. Karela

Karela, more popularly known as bitter gourd, is potent in stimulating crucial activities in the liver, spleen, and pancreas. Intake of karela regulates blood glucose levels, making it possible for patients to worry less about diabetes symptoms as well as complications. Furthermore, karela functions to improve metabolism as well as the body’s ability to absorb more nutrients from everyday food items.

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2. Saptrangi

The astringent properties of this herb greatly improve stability as well as the composition of our bodies. In its dry state, saptrangi increases body temperature, a condition that is known to fight diabetes mellitus type 2 symptoms. Lastly, this herbal remedy has a huge, positive impact on the liver and pancreas too.

3. Haridra

The herbal plant, haridra, can help diabetics fight the condition too. When consumed in juice form, this fresh herb serves as an antiseptic that helps in reducing the likelihood of infections. Lastly, haridra also prevents and treats boils as well as prevent the incidence of urinary tract infection among diabetes patients.

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This herb from India regulates insulin utilization as well as stimulates the production of more beta cells. Gurmar features gymnemic acid, a compound with similar molecular arrangement and composition as glucose. This characteristic makes it possible for grumar to seal all receptors situated on our taste buds. When this happens, it becomes impossible for the taste buds to be activated by sugar molecules from the food that we consume. The consumption of gurmar helps in curbing sugar cravings.

5. Methi

Methi, also known as fenugreek, is an herb characterized by its bitter taste. Methi or fenugreek boasts many qualities that identify and then target the root cause of diabetes mellitus type 2. You have the option of consuming the entire plant or the seed. You may also consume fenugreek in powder form to reap its many healthy benefits.

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Neem is an herbal remedy that effectively controls blood glucose levels as well as our metabolic rate. In addition, neem improves insulin sensitivity, making it possible for DM2 patients to decrease their dependence on anti-diabetes prescription medications.

Adult-onset diabetes or diabetes type 2 is undoubtedly a scary disease. If left untreated or unmanaged, it can lead to death. By trying out the Indian herbal remedies mentioned above, you can successfully cope with the disease with less worries and lesser side effects and complications too.

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