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Wonderful Benefits of Green Tea on Skin

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Tea is known for its wonderful benefit to our body since the ancient time from the East. Mostly these heavenly drink are made of plant leaves, derived from Camellia sinensis plant.

There are many kinds of teas and one of the mostly known tea, is green tea which mainly originated from China. It consist of antioxidants, that reduces the risk of cancer cells, prevent clogging of arteries and veins, burns fat easily and counteracts oxidative stress, helping us focus and concentrate more. It also helps in neurological disorders among elders, reduces the risk of stroke and improves the level of cholesterol.

Green tea also have benefits for our skin. Researchers stated that it contains about 200 bioactive compounds (a compound that mainly affect living tissues or cells health) and one of the chemical compounds is polyphenols (a micro-nutrient that prevents degenerative diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases) which contain flavonoids, another vital antioxidant. It also has vitamin B, C including B12, a vitamin for skin regeneration while C is for collagen formation that is responsible for skin firmness and repair.

Other 5 Benefits for the Skin:

Sun Protection

Sun rays are good to feel early in the morning, but if exposed longer, causes major problems to our skin. We may develop wrinkles and unwanted spots mainly on the face.
Sun rays have free radicals that can harm our skin directly if we are exposed too much.

Green tea acts as a natural sunscreen because of its ingredients. This does not not cause harm in our body unlike other sunscreen bought over-the-counter.

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Fights skin cancer

Drinking green tea, at least two cups daily can help avert cancer cells. Some research stated that green tea contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that may help heal keratosis (Actinic Keratosis), a skin ailment with small, rough spots and scales caused by sun exposure. It also prevents skin tumors by keeping our skin immune to serious skin damage. Further study conducted in the UK in 2007, stated that by adding lemon juice to the tea it can boosts it’s anti-cancer properties.


One of the treasured secret of Asians since the ancient times, as anti-aging supplement. Because of its antioxidant content, it basically protects our skin from harmful free radicals (molecules that are formed by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and damages our healthy cells by stealing the electrons). It also slows down the aging process, healing the damaged cells that leads to wrinkles, spots, blemishes and other skin ailments. This is proven in tea but not yet proven if it has the same effect on creams.


One of the skin condition that usually appears on the face, neck and chest. The most common problem of every teenagers. It usually occurs when hair follicles is plugged with oil and dead skin cells. If not treated properly you may have scars.

Green tea contains ‘catechins’, an anti-bacterial property and it also reduce hormone activity. A study carried out in 2003 at the Memorial Medical Center in the Philippines by Dr. Jennifer Gan Wong shows that acne problems can be treated by green tea cream and it is also helps to lighten the skin, with fewer side effects.

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Green tea helps in making the skin smooth, prevents further breakouts and leaves a radiant glow. And a simple face mask made by mixing organic green tea leaves then add honey or milk, apply it in the face for about 20 minutes and rinse afterwards. These green tea mask will help out to plush toxins that sink deeper in the skin.

Other Skin Disorder

Another benefit of green tea is it can naturally heal warts, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and other skin ailments. It also nourishes every part of the skin, most specially the affected part of the skin internally.

So drink green tea for longer and healthier life.

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