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How to Cut Out Sugar for Long Term Use

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Eating foods that contain plenty of sugar may help us feel good for a little while, but their impact to our health can be huge. Among the dangers of eating too much sugar include increasing your risk of having cancer, type 2 diabetes, tooth decay, as well as heart disease. Although fruits and vegetables may have traces of sugar in them, they do not affect your blood sugar levels that much because they also have other nutritional content that help keep things balanced.

The question is, how will you be able to reduce your consumption of sugar? If you are struggling to reduce or eliminate sugars, these tips should help you out.

Reduce consumption of sugar-filled drinks

Drinking sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, and fruit drinks even, may be refreshing for us, but they contain quite a lot of sugar in them. Even those beverages that are said to be healthy are packing a lot of sugar which can be dangerous to your health. The problem with these drinks is that they are not that filling which means that you are simply putting empty calories in your body. In order to reduce your sugar intake, it would be better if you stick with plain water since it doesn’t contain any sugar. You can even add some mint or cucumber to your drink if you wish to add some taste to it.

Have a partner

If you have decided that you will be cutting back on your sugar intake, it would be better to have someone who can assist you or partner up with you. The reason behind this is that your partner will hold you accountable while encouraging you at the same time. Although it would be good to have someone in the family who will be doing the same thing as you, a friend may be helpful too.

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Choose the right desserts

We often have dessert after a meal, especially when we dine out, but more often than not, these sweet treats that we are eating are packed with sugar which can cause our blood sugar to shoot up. Think of all the cakes, doughnuts, and pastries that you have consumed that have contributed to your high blood sugar. Fortunately, you can actually switch to healthier choices such as fresh fruit, baked fruit with cream, or even Greek yogurt with a dash of cinnamon or fruit bits if you like. These options are healthier since they don’t have much artificial sugars in them.

Train your mindset

Most of us have this notion that when we are deprived of something, we get to have negative feelings about it. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why we often slide back to our old eating habits. To change your mindset, think of ditching sugar as a way to help fuel your body with the right types of food. That when you have healthier food choices, you will be able to do more in terms of work. Think of this as a motivating factor.

Choose full-fat foods

You’ve probably come across several low-fat options of your favorite foods such as peanut butter, salad dressing, and even yogurt, just to name a few. Since many have said that eating fats is bad for you, most tend to avoid anything that has fats in it. However, choosing low-fat types of products may actually cause you to consume more sugar in the process. If you want to cut back your sugar intake, the best approach is to consume the full-fat version instead since it contains less sugar.

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